Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 4: MBFW DKNY S/S14:


Editor-in-Chief:Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor:Leah Leslie

Article by: Nelson Nirmond-Fashion Journalist

Photographer: D. Biggs-Freelance Photographer

Good Fabulous Day 4 of MBFW here in New York. I can honestly tell you all, that sleep hasn’t been our friend and it seems like we need a moment to catch our breath but; with this being stated this will not happen anytime soon. We have another fun and full schedule to bring you all fabulous coverage, our schedule looks like this:

1). 1:00 pm- DKNY

2). 2:00 pm- Tracy Reese

3). 4:00 pm- Diane von Furstenberg

I’m glad to have had the morning to try and pull myself together a little bit before this show, but trust and believe when I say we aren’t getting much sleep with after parties, editing, Designer meetings and much more but whose complaining honey its FW! I’m looking forward to seeing what DKNY is going to give us- I’m  here at the venue and it’s a little hectic and everyone is buzzing about, trying to make their way into the show LORD, I finally made it to my seat and I’m so ready. I have to tell you this is the Anniversary of DKNY 25th to be exact, so the energy level is very high. The show is getting ready to begin.

Alright, I guess we’re going to be taking a modern walk through the history of DKNY from the overalls, sneakers, large monogram logos, headbands only thing missing is the boom boxes:DKNY1DKNY3DKNY40DKNY41DKNY42I’m honestly not understanding the show but, the vibe is great. I don’t like the collection I don’t see the cohesiveness nor can I see anyone in there right style mind wearing anything that came down this runway. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse(which I was so wrong) there came more sneakers with dresses that didn’t fit at all and just looked like a sack:DKNY7DKNY11DKNY15DKNY24LaPazions, let me tell you this, that if this is my 25th anniversary of me being in this industry, honey it’s going to be fabulous I’m bringing all kinds of fire to the runway not that it looks like, I’m having a mid-life crisis. The best part of this show was when Rita Ora closed out the show dancing out to (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)! Then when Donna Karan came out to take her walk:DKNY56Donna KaranDon’t forget that you can see the full-collection on our Facebook page located at: http://www.facebook.com/lapazimageing

Stay close to all the action because, up next is Tracy Reese.

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