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Article by: Lisa Cortez

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I’m thrilled to be at the Nautica show in all honesty cause I love the boys and they always look so good. I really want to see what our LaPazion gentlemen have in store for this coming season. This collection is called Black Sail which is for the active man who is out and about and doing adventurous things like hiking, rock climbing or just out on the water we look forward to this.

Its almost showtime and I can see the women that are here which tickles me more women attend Nautica then men and its all about the modern man with this fabulous Designer. First look is out and okay it’s a little step away from the norm and the branding of the label but, I’m liking this thus far:Nautica NauticaN3N4Nautica

I’m not overly loving this seasons collection in all honesty and I feel that its too literal in the way that he bringing forth this season. I’m glad that we have the video from YouTube to post so you all can see hear and feel the collection:

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the collection and we’re also going to place all photos on our Facebook page located at:

Our last show will be Rebecca Minkoff where Janelle Monae is going to perform.

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