Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 5-MBFW Tommy Hilfiger S/S14:


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Hello Fashion Forward LaPazions, we’re here at the Tommy Hilfiger spring/summer 2014 show; and let me just say Tommy Hilfiger brought the beach honey to NYC by trucking in loads and loads of sand and transforming Pier94, to feel like we are west coast honey. I cannot believe I see Anna Wintour smiling, Brianboy is looking cute as ever and Steven Kolb is also here:Anna WintourBrian boySteven KolbLord thank you its time for the show and the first look is out and I guess Mr. Hilfiger has taken this beach motif literal and is carrying it all the way to the edge with this look. I don’t know I thought we we’re going to get some flowing fabrics, gorg pallets and just the air and freedom that beach life and California gives you. NO you must see what I’m see:I feel like this collection is directed to the lifeguard watching over the beach. I don’t like the jackets made out of scuba material and the Baywatch bathing suits okay please stop the madness:I cannot begin to tell you how much this collection flat lined for me. Then to top everything off Designer Hilfiger send out women in pantsuits that really looked more androgynous then feminine. The silhouette isn’t going to compliment to many women’s body-type and this is just the base of my dislike:We’ll have the full-show up on our Facebook page located on: http://www.facebook.com/lapazimageing

Please give us your honest opinions and thoughts regarding this collection.

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