Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 3-MBFW Jill Stuart S/S14:


Editor-in-Chief:Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor:Leah Leslie

Article by:Lisa Cortez-Fashion Journalist

Photographer: K. Williams-Freelance for Lapazimageing

Day 3 is here and I’m telling you we’re really being treated with some amazing looks and styles for this coming S/S 2014. LaPazion’s on top of all the shows we’ve been attending several of the after parties and some of the pop-up shows so; needless to say our schedule is CRAZZZZY! With this being stated let me give you our schedule for today’s fabulous and fashionable Day3:

1). 11:00 am- Jill Stuart

2). 3:00 pm- Harve Leger Max Azria

3). 7:00 pm- Monique Lhuillier

We’re here at the Jill Stuart runway show waiting for things to kick off and I cannot help but, sit here with my sunglasses and try to just focus in on the very trendy and fashion forward crowd that is filing in. I see several famous faces seated across the runway from me Actress Casey LeBow, Actress Katie Chang, Actress Perrey Reeves, Mohammed Al Turkie and Sophie Curtis:Actress Casey LaBowActress Katie ChangActress Perrey ReevesMohammed Al Turki-Sophie Curtis-Perrey ReevesSophie Curtis and Perrey ReevesFinally it’s show time and I ready to see what we’re going to be treated to. Okay the first look is out and I feel like the collection is giving off a rocker chic feel with a very edgy touch. The models look like there hair is channeling Taylor Momsen from Gossip girl just kind of tosselled bed head feel. I like certain elements of the collection thus far but, it seems a little disjointed to me:This collection is mixed with several different fabrics such as eyelet lace, appliqued organza, silhouettes are very sexy and occasionally a little too suggestive. We’re also seeing gauzy bold shouldered crop tops which by the way if your stomach has drifted please do not wear a crop top:I’m still seated on the fence with this whole collection because it gives us some great pieces and some not so great. I think this would be great for the young hip.trendy starlets like Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry and all and all its well put together.

Stay close to all the action there is more to come, next on our schedule is Harve Leger Max Azria.

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