Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 1: MBFW-Richard Chai S/S14:

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Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Marisol DeGaines-Fashion Journalist/Certified Image Consultant

Photographer: M. Bradley: Freelance

Hey LaPazions, its your girl Marisol here covering another amazing season of fashion. It’s a full-house her at the Richard Chai spring/summer14 show; and a lot of your young fashion forward fashionista’s/fashionisto’s are out and about! I swear when I see them I always think who do they know or what trust fund do they have because, you get to know the regulars and let me just say they look fabulous! They’re rocking some of the hottest trends from the floral patterns/color blocking/peplum tops/hot little skirts and patterned leggings with gorgeous peep-toed booties.

Now taking a look around I do notice that the Jonas Bros are also in attendance and looking handsome in their Richard Chai wear. I just didn’t realize how short these guy’s are I was a little surprised I don’t know why but, I am:Jonas BrosI’m getting excited because they are removing the tarp from the runway and dude is really a pro at this and had a specific technique. The first look is out and its like a layered kind of look with a shirt/skirt and what looks like pants. Yes you read this correctly and because it sounds so odd I’m giving you a first look sooner than later:R-Chai1Right I know its very different and I’m not sure if I’m liking it yet so, I’m going to wait to pass judgment. Okay I’m starting to understand the collection more and more as it comes out on the runway and it has that easy breeze beach feeling without being beach bum please take cover. This collection is VERY cohesive and fresh and once again I think Richard Chai has knocked it out the box:R-Chai2R-Chai3R-Chai4R-Chai6OMG! I love the next few looks coming out the color and the pattern is Fabulous and this one look I could so see our Editor-in-Chief, Sonya LaRae rocking in all honesty-just wait until I show you:R-Chai9Am I right or what if you know her she would so rock this look and just own it. This collection evokes a lot of different feelings within it and I love that he brought the men’s fashions out and they’re fresh the shorts aren’t too short and the guy’s look like guy’s. Richard Chai you knocked this out the box and I’m giving you 5 plus stars:R-Chai5R-Chai8R-Chai10R-Chai15R-Chai17Really great way for me to start my fashion week and I’m looking forward to all the other shows that we’ll be covering for you this season. How do you feel about this collection.

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