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VMA’s 2013-Red Capet Review

VMA logoEditor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Lisa Milner and Nelson Nirmond

Photographs by: Michael Bowman-Freelance for Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

Hey LaPazions, by now you’ve all either have seen the VMAs or have heard all the talk surrounding the show. Honestly from the moment that we arrived Lisa and I felt like the energy was off-We loved being back in our old stomping grounds Brooklyn and seeing some of the old friends but; this article isn’t about us hanging out in the old neighborhood and catching up with old friends. Okay once we arrived at the Barclays Center the limos where lined up with the celebs trying to hit the red carpet:icI guess well speak first about the one and only Miley Cyrus who donned the red carpet in a vintage Versace midriff top and jeweled pants which looked good on her but; this was one person who was seeking attention from the moment she arrived. Miley twerked and danced all the way into the venue and myself and Lisa felt like whomever taught this chic to twerk needed to be slapped. Which also brings us to her performance of the evening she showed out acting like some sort of slutty striper from some cheap night club and for Robin Thicke to take part in such a vulgar act is unacceptable. This young starlet is out of control and shocked even the most liberal of families the Smiths with her performance their faces and reactions was totally priceless:slide_314223_2837004_freeMiley and Robin Thicke performSmith Family reactionOkay so beyond that the show was a little lack luster if we may say so Miley upstaged even Lady Gaga who opened the show which by the way she looked great on stage moved well and dropped those extra lbs. that she had packed on prior to her hip surgery. On the red carpet we was rather surprised to see how normal and down played Gaga really looked. Her black gown and dark hair was a major change from the wild egg entrance, the meat dress and her alter ego-Gaga seemed a little subdued even when she was taking pics with Busta:busta-gagaslide_314223_2837121_free Shut up hold the phone I cannot believe we’re really seeing Lil Kim on the red carpet, I mean why are we surprised she is the Queen of Brooklyn even those Foxy Brown would beg to differ, which we also heard she was on the carpet as well and I cannot begin to think how myself or Lisa missed her and we didn’t see her inside:lil-kim-mtv-vmas-20131slide_314223_2837205_freeIn true Lil Kim form she rocked a see through cat suit with a black bra and lace undies and this bright ass shoes that just didn’t work for us but; hey its Lil Kim and we’re just happy her face didn’t looked so snatched.

OMG!! Wow-Hello Ms. Swift I must say she is looking rather fabulous! I mean she is shedding her girl next door look and its not being done in a trashy way such as one “Miley Cyrus”. Taylor is a girl about town meaning she is living her life and dating many, many different people which we feel is strictly for musical content but, honey she is snatched in this gown and showing how sexy looks without over seducing it:taylor-swift-mtv-vmas-20132I guess she and her gal pal Selena Gomez must have taken notes from each other and they really brought that fabulous rock-star look and we LOOOOved the peak-a-boo corset under Selena’s gown and how she just owned it and brought out her beauty on this carpet:177675016_10_full177675019_10_fullselena-gomez-mtv-vmas-2013Wow-I know that 2 Chainz is kind of a quirky kind of guy and he is doing him in spite of some of his legal issues he came out and let me say he showed up turnt up-Rocking head to toe Versace and then, we looked over and saw Grimes rocking the Versace pants and doing way better then the dude who rocked the full-fit. (Side Note: When a chick rocks men’s wear better than a man, hello its time to hire a stylist):slide_314223_2836991_freeslide_314223_2836971_freeThis is a night of reunions because we saw the girl group Danity Kane on the red carpet and the ladies looked stunning and we loved that they are in the process of making a new album and are coming back together to kill it once again because these ladies are talented and more than anything they had a great energy together more than apart. I hope they can put aside a little of their egos and know that it’s about the music and your fans that are supporting you:slide_314223_2837207_freeDisney had their star on the carpet as well from Coco Jones, Ariana and Fifth Harmony and we loved their looks and how they wore things that reflected proper image as Disney stars:arianaFifth HarmonyCoco JonesKaty Perry channeled her wild side with this leopard dress and also tried on a grill. she closed show out with her hit song and we loved her dancing and doing something a little bit different which this is how you reinvent yourself. (Everything seems to come back to that Cyrus Chic) lol:Katy PerryKaty PerryOkay I don’t mean to be mean or to say anything ugly but, did you all see TLC? I mean our girl Chilli (Rozonda Thomas) looks basically the same but, honey what took place with our girl T-Boz (Tionne Watkins), she looked like she was Chilli’s mama and we’re not saying this is a good thing either:TLCOMG! Jennifer Hudson’s stylist is really making progress with this songstress she looked great on the red carpet we loved the harlequin patterned blouse and the high waist skirt, the length was really good on her as well because she has knocked knees:Jennifer HudsonI just have to tell you I don’t know how Ashanti keeps popping up at these events but, she does and each time she is putting more and more skin on display and its like honey your body isn’t that sick so please cover up a little bit for all of us:Ashanti-wears-aqua-colored-dress-to-the-MTV-Video-Music-Awards

Rita Ora was channeling her inner Beyonce with a flip of Rihanna as you all know she has been mistaken for RiRi but, now she has a blond bob and was rocking a sick gown right off the runways but; you know there had to be a pause in this. Rita looked fabulous in the color and style but, it made her look a little heavy and no woman wants to look heavier than she really is:ritaRita OraI guess you all have noticed that we didn’t mention Rihanna on the red carpet well that is because she didn’t walk the red carpet she bypassed it and went straight to her seat but, her look was very casual:Rihanna VMARihanna

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