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How Flat are Flats:

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Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant

LaPazions, as you know the trend for the summer and into the fall season has and is the flat, flip-flop or thongged shoes. As you all well know I’m “The Stiletto Queen”so; I’ve been trying to wear the summer trend of the fabulous flats and thong sandals and to tell you all the truth “MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!” Look yesterday, I was running the city and had these fabulous shoes on and it felt like the balls of my feet where on fire or more like I had nothing on my feet to protect them. I felt totally exhausted by the time I reached my destination: This made me stop and think “How flat are Flats and Are they Good for Your Feet?”Sonya flatsThat made me start looking up medical documents from well known doctors in Podiatric medicine. Dr. Seema Ram-Charitar who is a well known Podiatrist in New York City, stated: “An entirely flat foot bed can be problematic, especially for people who have flat feet. She also says; in terms of alignment, the foot is connected to the knee and, ultimately, the hip and back; and flats can throw this off.  Let me show you a photo of what your feet may look like from a normal, high and flat foot when it comes to arches:Arch shotI just so happen to have a very high arch; so now I understand why my feet where killing me and then on top of everything else; I’m not accustomed to wearing a flat period so, needless to say I was doing myself in with the trend of the season. LaPazions, I also found out from speaking with my Podiatrist who is affiliated with Temple University Medicine; stated: “due to your foot always being in the pointed position from wearing stiletto’s you’ve also shorten the tendon’s in the foot that they will be stretched or placed under stress to be in a flattened position.” Needless to say ladies you must have the proper support in your flats; this way you’re protecting your aches and keeping healthy foot-care:Support in solesThese particular soles are from which they offer several different styles for your particular healthy foot care needs. Place them in your ballet slipper, loafers and they have specially made soles for your opened toed shoes, that will not been seen and will add the support that your foot is longing for. You should even think about having proper support in your fabulous heels so you can continue to wear your shoe styles well into the future.

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