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Red Carpet Review Live VMA’s 2015


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Article by: Erin Gomez-Certified Image Consultant, Fashion/Style Journalist

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Hello LaPazions, so last night was the VMA’s and I can honestly say the red carpet was just as uneventful as the real show.  I guess I don’t need to delay on getting this review underway because; if you watched the live show last night you know we all have lost valuable brain cells from this train wreck. 

We’re going to start with the host of the night Ms. Miley Cyrus. I definitely wasn't shocked by any of Miley's antics and really thought MTV is so desperate for shock and awe ratings, that they’d give this girl a platform of vulgarity and promoting smoking pot:Miley Cyrus VersaceMiley selected to wear basically nothing with a little tape covering her nipples and pieces of crystals covering her front and knee-high metallic silver platform boots to compliment her butt-less outfit Designed by Atelier Versace… How to dumb down your brand need I really say more?

Next was golden statements worn by Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears:

I didn’t think either of these gowns complimented either of these stars figure.  Britney looked as if the top half of the dress was extremely too small and too tight for her particular body-shape, where Nicki however, look a little overwhelmed by the gown and couldn’t move freely in it.  The gown seemed heavy and just a bit too much for her to handle and she needed someone to aid her just to walk and make the steps to receive her moon-man award.

Pause, I guess this is the new “it” girl couple that we are seeing at all the award shows now? None other than Amber Rose and Blac Chyna:Blac Chyna and Amber RoseSeriously, I’m really not sure why either of these women are at most of these events; other than to promote and get under the skin of their ex-baby daddy’s who by far have moved on past both of them.. Even though this look was bad they had the nerve to bring a little entourage that just equaled a hotmess.com:Blac Chyna and Amber Rose crewAlright let me get right to the elephant that is standing in the middle of the room-Kanye West.. Lord who said that this man needed to be a recipient of the Michael Jackson award? Then to top everything off they let this nut ramble for a full-eight (8) minuets about who knows what!!  I hated what he decided to wear and to top things off Kim Kardashian-West just looked underwhelmed by her choice yet again:Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West I’m going to have to insist that Kim Kardashian-West contact our very own Sonya LaRae, to help her through this second pregnancy. Kim is too beautiful to look this doughty and unpolished and she needs to wear things that will flatter and grow as she moves along in her pregnancy.. This particular gown may have been cute for her when she wasn’t pregnant but, now it just does nothing for her growing silhouette and doesn’t compliment her new baby figure, we’re going to have to stage and intervention sooner than later.

LOL!! Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh was on there way to pick apples and decided to stop by the VMA’s:Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams Taylor Swift decided she was going to role deep with her girls and just take the red carpet (side note: technically there wasn’t a red carpet it was more multi-colored pieced carpet) but, Taylor select to wear a sequenced pant set by Ashish-I thought Taylor pulled off edgy and sultry without being to overt and still maintaining her style for her fans:Taylor Swift

The Jenner-Kardashian family came to also show their support to son-in-law/bro-in-law Kanye, the ladies looked stunning and that Kylie is like a little chameleon and isn’t afraid to flip her style (wouldn’t you all love to really know what they think about Mr. West antics?):Jenner-Kardashian Family Now this is what MTV/VMA’s red carpet is all about the insanely different artistic yet, out of the box craziness that you’d expect from artist and their pseudo personalities:Z-LaLaWait I thought this was Lady Gaga but, found out this is singer Z-LaLa.. I had to Google her to hear who she was cause I no clue about her. Z-LaLa sings a song “Fly Away.” Google her or go to YouTube to hear her music but, Honey Gaga is calling and she wants her dress back.. LOL!!

We have two starlets that we think just owned this red carpet last night:Demi LovatoRita Ora Demi Lovato went with this peachy Nicolas Jebran dress that just hugged her curves and fit her body with pure perfection! Demi’s hair and makeup was on fleek (meaning flawless) gave that glow and flush kissed skin look was saying EVERYTHING!! Then you switch to Rita Ora who went with the Vera Wang feather bodice gown that showed just the right amount of skin and gave her a rock/couture edgy look that she owned (side note: hair wasn’t saying much at all and didn’t give that wow moment) her makeup was dramatic and sultry and I like the nude lip.

I know that Gigi Hadid is one of Taylor Swift’s girls and she is a rising supermodel but, what was up with that bad lace front wig?:Gigi Hadid in Emilia WicksteadGigi wore a Emilia Wickstead gown but, I thought this gown did nothing for her. I personally felt it needed to be a little bit longer and maybe the leotard cut a little differently for her figure would have given this a little more definition.

Another one from Taylor’s girltourage is Hailee Steinfeld- Hailee opted for a white Stella McCartney caped pant suit:Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartneyHailee missed the mark with this look for us- We felt that the gold cuff necklace made her look like she had a neck brace on and that the cape was almost like a bandage.. She would have looked stunning without the cape and the necklace and maybe if it was cut off the shoulder to give it more of a trendy younger feel.

Let’s go to our couples for the night: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin. They looked too cute and Bella was channeling her inner Tinker-bell and we loved all the romantic nuances:Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend looked cute together as always.. Chrissy left nothing to the imagination with this very sheer gown, her hair and makeup  complimented the look, maybe just a bit more drama on the eyes but all and all she looked very nice- John, I’m not so sure what look he was going for but, I can say the leather pants and the kind of snug jacket was a no:Chrissy Teigen and John LegendMiguel and Nazanin Mandi was serving up sexy- This couple just seems to exude sex appeal and know what compliments their style/life. They effortlessly compliment each other when they step out on the red carpet, what great edge Miguel and Nazanin have to their own personal styles; that when the two combine you get a perfect component:Nazanin Mandi and Miguel

If you saw Justin Beiber’s performances (you read that correctly) when he debut his new song and then cried at the end of his performance- Might have been because, he didn’t get to see Selena Gomez after his performance because, the girltourage left just prior to him taking the stage and she looked beautiful in a sheer Calvin Kline gown:Selena Gomez Calvin Klein

Wait let me go back to Justin for a hot second—After being gone for 5 years this is the look you decide to hit the red carpet with? Justin, Kate Gosling gave this look up for a reason take notes please:Justin BeiberLaPazions, we told you this red carpet wasn’t that eventful at all.. We need the mega stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and several others to please start making some music so we can get a good red carpet again..

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