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NYFW-Christian Siriano Dreams of Morocco-Spring 2016


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Hello LaPazions, I know we’re just a little behind on bringing you all our coverage but, don’t worry we will get everything up on the site for you promise. We’re here at the Christian Siriano Spring 2016 runway show and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to be offered by this very fashion forward Designer.  This seasons collection is about the “dream” of visiting Morocco per Siriano so, I’m very interested to see what his dream of Morocco looks like.

I see several stars are in attendance from Laura Prepon, Alicia Silverstone and Dance Mom starlet Maddie Ziegler just to name a few:Alicia SilverstoneLaura Prepon

Finally show time and I have to say my vision and thoughts of Morocco are a little more vivid and depth. Morocco is rich in culture, spectacular splashes of color with scrumptious spices. Siriano took a more scaled down approach to this vibrant country- He brought out more natural hues, that necessarily didn’t speak Moroccan influences or textile:CS1CS3CS8CS13CS14

Needless to say I personally didn’t feel a Moroccan sense or feeling but, then just as I was about to just feel let down -these gorgeous/flowy pieces came out onto the runway that took me to Morocco and celebrated all things we have come to know and love:CS32CS33


I think Christian really brought a very different element to this collection and, I will reiterate, I would have loved to see more of the textures, colors and flare from Moroccan influences. Congratulations to a very successful fashion week:Christian SirianoWe cannot wait to hear your opinions from this amazing collection and Designer.

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