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Weekend Edition:Tips on Attending Fashion Week on a Budget

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Article By: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle/Relationship Coach, Fashion/Style Journalist

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Happy weekend LaPazions, we’re literally just a matter of days out from NY Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week. I have to be honest with you all; if you haven’t had the chance or the opportunity as of yet to attend fashion week I think this is something you need to put on your list of must do’s.

With this being stated I thought I would give you a few tips on how to attend fashion week on a budget (side note: You may want to start a bit earlier with the savings for fashion week). I have five (5) top tips to give you that just may help you just a bit.

Sleeping accomendations

1. Sleeping Accommodations:  The best advice I can give you here if to book early 2-3 months ahead this way you will be assured to get a room. You may want to look at splitting the cost with another Fashion Blogger/Photographer or a great friend that is going to fashion week or just going to be in NYC during the time of fashion week. You can also see if family or friends mind you staying with them for the week or weekend whichever you are doing. The other great tip I can give you is you can also reach out to the Hotels and their PR firms for discounted press rates (no harm no foul).


2. Getting from Point A-to-Point B:  Now this is the challenge of challenges because, all your shows may not be in the same place so, grabbing a cab can be rather costly. Here is my tip for you SKIP the cabs and do public transportation. Yes you definitely read that correctly It's so much easier to go on public transportation and you can use Google Maps which will become such a beneficial aid. If you must take a cab try to see if you can split the cost with someone else that maybe going to the same venue or you can try using Uber and Lyft which offer great rates.Enter the text that you want to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; then click the grey button below.

Chargers 3. Purchase Extra Chargers & Batteries:  You will not know how much this will save you in the long run. I cannot stress how important this is because you don’t want your phone or your camera to die in the middle of the best shot you’ve seen all week. You should invest in a few portable chargers this way you can keep your phone laptop or tablet charged. Batteries will be such and important part of your fashion week as well.


4. The Need to Eat:  Eating is such and important part of fashion week because, if you’re anything like me if you have no food in you all day your blood sugar ends up in your feet and you start to feel light-headed and just may pass out (That just isn’t very fashionable nor very cute). I have found it so essential to pack snacks in my tote bag-I have gone to local stores close to my hotel and they sell travel packs of peanut butter and I love caramel rice cakes and you combine the two OH MY WORD!! I like to put protein bars/granola bars in my bag, trail mix and by far do not skip out on your dosages of caffeine. I also grab a few bottles of water from my hotel, Tylenol you never know when you’ll get a headache.

Lastly, just enjoy yourself and take in all the festivities. Remember you are there to cover the shows network and develop new relationships. Try to get your content out as soon as possible and remember when fashion week ends you should be thinking of the following season and what you will do better and differently.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and even some of your great tips that you have for attending and planning for fashion week.

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