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Special Wednesday Edition MissAdvised;-) Episode-6




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Hey Fabulous LaPazions, we’re back for another week of MissAdvised;-) that comes on Monday nights at 10pm EST on Bravo TV; which if you haven’t watched this show yet trust me your missing out because, its really stating to take shape! As always each episode starts off with a question to the ladies:


It was so funny because, I already knew the answer to this question prior to any of the ladies answering. Julia, Amy and Emily all answered “NO.” This weeks show was very interesting to me because it had a lot to really digest and to sort out and even when I spoke with my Partner Najaam Lee of “Gosh About” located at she as well was having a hard time in putting words to this episode, so you know I’m looking forward to reading her post.

We start off in New York with AMY:

Amy Laurent1

Who is feeling rather depressed because; as you remember last week Lewis dropped kicked her to the curb and bounced on her way out and landed hard on her face.. LOL!! (Sorry she just really had it coming) Anyway so she is packing up to run to Joseph her friend/secret boyfriend who lives in Connecticut, which by the way is also giving a party over the weekend and has invited her to attend. Before she goes to Joseph she is going to first stop at a possible clients house on the way, who was referred to her via Joseph. Now, we get to Tina’s home and when Amy walks in she makes a quick judgment call, in regards to the skins and animal heads in the room that someone is into guns and the householder Tina; states “I am into shooting and guns.” Very cut and dry and a little more on the defensive side but, Amy just being Amy didn’t pick-up on it at all. As Amy is speaking with Tina you can see Tina’s body-language change somewhat and that she is now, no longer sitting back but, is sitting up and forward. Amy starts with her normal spiel in regards to her following her rules and that she is going to have to stop being so masculine, questioning her honesty of if she is or really hasn’t been dating for a year and a half, then she states to Tina that she is rusty and Tina assures her that she isn’t rusty and Amy says with a rather quick Tongue well either you listen to me or you will be alone and doing what you’re doing now and not have a man. I wish you could have seen the “Potential” clients face when she gave her a “Proverbial” back handed slap to her face when Tina helped her with her coat as she was leaving. In all honesty as a Professional looking in at this I don’t really see Tina signing on with Amy to help her with anything in all honesty. Look we will get back to Amy because trust me you don’t want to miss what is going to come up at Joseph’s party!!

Let’s head over to San Francisco with Emily:

Phone Sex


You know we find Emily in the studio with her Co-host Menace, where they are speaking about her unbelievable situation from last week and why she seems to be bringing this type of energy into her life, then he says to her well who do you have lined up for this weeks show? Emily introduces Jessica who is a Phone Sex Operator, she starts off her question with how she got involved in the business and what is a typical kind of call and ask for a little demonstration which got Menace and Emily a little excited. Emily, brings up that she has a long distance relationship and Menace says so quickly well, Emily here’s your chance to practice your phone sex and instead of her saying NO and I’ll leave it to the expert and start asking Jessica a few more questions; she starts and as she kept talking you could see her turning red and getting more and more uncomfortable.. She is such an odd ball at times you just want her to say no sometime and to be the supposed expert that she claims to be.. I’ll come back to Emily because you know there is so much more when it comes to this woman.

You know exactly where we are headed now and its to Crazyville Julia:



Julia is about to throw her first “Big Girl” dinner part in her entire life with her roommate JP but, the whole time she is getting ready and talking to JP about the dinner party she is so upset that Andrew, you remember Andrew from last week that she took to Prom for the date? Well that is who she is upset over because he stated he couldn’t make it due to work, which is a very good reason. Andrew and Julia, since going out on that very odd date have been in constant communication with each other via email, txt messages and by phone. Now he cannot make it we’re seeing the 12 year old Julia appearing gradually because, she is starting to whine and is laying on the sofa in her bathrobe and then she does it, she picks the phone up and calls Andrew(Side Note: Julia says that she has one rule that she never breaks and that is “You should Never Convince a guy to come to see youHello!! BREAKING NEWS! Julia that is what you’re doing) and as she’s speaking with him she’s starting to pressure him and to give him the guilt and like a tornado JP comes running out the room in her towel to get her to hang the phone up before Julia says something or acts just totally inappropriate again! LOL!! Imagine having to be her wing man.. LOL!! Let’s go back to Connecticut where we left Amy:

Now Amy gets to Josephs’ house and they are chatting with each other and she says to him I brought a really cute sparkly dress for tonight party and Joseph is like okay but cover your shoes or take off your shoes. His floors are beautiful and hard wood and have be polished and varnished to the utmost of perfection which I did take note of, Joseph has a little OCD in him and he is not going to allow anyone to muss nor scuff his floors. The guess are arriving for the party and Julia is looking okay in her sparkly dress a little bit much for this crowd but its okay she’s having fun and drinking her wine and then low and behold Tina arrives at the party and states to Julia that she wanted to speak with her (Side Note: Tina’s body-language is very up-tight when she sits down with Amy, she’s right on the edge of her seat, her eyes are slightly squinted and her lips are rather pursed) She states to Amy that she really found her meeting rather disturbing and that she was rather insulting and instead of Amy possible handling this with a little tacked and professionalism she in turns says to Tina; you didn’t really have and issue when I was at your house and now you’re telling me this, I’m sorry but this isn’t the time nor the place. Amy, walks away from Tina and like some crazed woman Tina goes over to Amy and starts again with her and when Amy goes to walk away Tina, has a slight grip on her arm and when Amy like pulls away the drink she had in her had splashes on Tina’s sleeve and now she is going to make a seen of all seen with Amy and says that she is fired and she stinks at her job and she needs to figure out how to speak to clients and be professional it was just horrific at a private cocktail party. You have to see the fight (please click on the hyper link) The Drink Spill Heard Around the World  I know its just too good for words, I mean Amy thought she was escaping from the crazy and depressed and she like walked right into it! Well, Tina leaves the party and the singer blond guy nothing like who Amy would speak to takes the stage well the floor and starts to sing and Amy, is like caught up in him playing the guitar, she whistles like some guy haling a cab in NY and is doing Cat Calls… I mean so out of her stiff Characteristics, I was rather shocked by her and Najaam also couldn’t believe what we we’re seeing from Amy. Right after the singer stops his performance he comes over to Amy and tells her how sorry he was that the woman attacked her and he had her back (WHATEVER!) He ask Amy out to go to the Apple Orchard and to go pick apples and she acts a little corny but, excepts the date offer and then ask him if it was others joining them and he said NO its just us and she says okay; then ask him what should she wear to pick apples. HELLO!! COME ON AMY THIS ISN’T LIKE YOUR GOING TO DO BRAIN SERGUREY!! I was like here we go with the dumbness. We’ll come back to this but, let’s go back to Emily in San Francisco.

After the show Emily and Menace go for a drink which, they use to do per Emily. For some odd reason I just am pick up a real kind of vibe from the two of them like if Menace wasn’t married and if Emily wasn’t such a head case, he may want to attempt a something with her; meaning try to be in a relationship with her.. This is just me speculating and looking as and outsider of these two. Now Menace and Emily are sitting and having drinks really have a good conversation about why Emily has such a hard time in letting people in (meaning men) that she can or could have a possible relationship with. Then Emily starts talking about her father who she lost when she was 19 years old and how that really impacted her life and even the way that she went about dating. Menace really hears all of what Emily is saying and then he encourages her to really think about going back to therapy to workout, mend and connect to her real feelings. She takes his suggestion and goes back to her old therapist, who by the way is rather surprised to see Emily and they get right into things and she gets Emily to see that she is holding back and why and Emily is seeing that she needs help to move forward so may be, if their is any hope with her and David R. they will make it. 

Heading back to Los Angeles where Julia is having a dinner party. Julia and JP are getting everything setup and they decide that dinner is going to be buffet style where people can help themselves. Now, I cannot forget or not tell you all that Julia has also invited her ex-Taylor to this dinner party that she wanted Andrew to attend. I found a few things to be very interesting 1st: Julia, finds it very important to stay friends with her ex’s 2nd: She feels like Taylor meeting the person she is interested in is a good thing and 3rd: She really values his opinion in regards to who she is seeing or has feeling for. I don’t know if that is odd to any of you but it is supper crazy to me. You broke up with this person for some reason and he’s and ex and should stay just that X and not up in your life but, Hey this is Julia I’m speaking of. Well, she is sitting and telling any and everyone during the dinner or after dinner who are captured into listening to her go on and on about Andrew and then a Knock on the door.  Well needless to say its Andrew who came from San Fran to be with Julia. When Julia answers the door and sees its Andrew this Nut falls on the floor and is acting like some hyperactive child and all the women who are sitting and watching her (Side Note: If looks could kill Julia would be dead and they are all like this is so why men take advantage of us) are just in pure shock in the manner in which Julia is acting. Andrew finally gets to come into the house and she is like your here and you made it and I’m so shocked, what made you or how did you get here? Andrew, simply said its, the guilt that you laid on me that made me really come out her (Side Note: Let’s talk about Andrews body-language: He’s a little put off by her and when others are saying all that she was saying prior to him coming he looks like I’m over this and after this I just need to have time alone from you). I mean in all honesty Julia acts like a person who has either been molested or abused and if neither of these things have happened with her she really should catch hold of herself.

See I told you it was really a full Episode and there is so much more I want to say but, I don’t think you all can handle any more than what I’ve placed in this post. Next week is going to be even better!!

I almost forgot the bonus, that I got for all of you the checklist Julia holds/measures all her potential husbands against all 73 items:

1. Loves me unconditionally
2. Kind / thoughtful / sweet / doting
3. Brilliant
Intellectual curiosity
5. Well-read / loves reading / reads The Atlantic, Fast Company, WIRED
6. Fascinating
7. Creative
8. Fantastic conversationalist
9. Can talk with him for hours and not run out of things to say
10. Handsome / tall / great body / will age well / full head of hair
11. Morally sound / honest / ethical
12. Dependable
13. Strong & consistent emotionally
14. Faithful / loyal
15. Good
family values
16. Adventurous
17. Fun!
18. Hilarious / makes me laugh
19. Understands me
20. Great school / well-educated
21. Fantastic, close-knit, smart friends
22. Ambitious
23. Entrepreneurial
24. Generous
25. Financially responsible
26. Wonderful family / intact parental marriage
27. Chemistry (physical, intellectual, and emotional)
28. Wants to live in a warm climate (preferably Palo Alto)
29. Makes me feel secure and loved
30. Supports me

31. Chivalrous / impeccable manners
32. Preppy dresser
33. Enjoys playing tennis, horseback riding, skiing, biking
34. Would make a great dad and wants to have
kids (would have beautiful, smart kids with me!)
35. Beautiful writer and speaker
36. Writes love letters
37. Well-traveled / wants to travel with me (in style!)
38. Spiritual / believes in God / has strong faith
39. Does good for others
40. Brings out the best in me / makes me a better person
41. A true teammate and partner
42. Has a close knit, fun, intelligent, interesting
family who loves me
43. Is within five years of my age
44. Loves learning
45. Romantic
46. Always makes me feel special
47. Pushes me to be my best self
48. Can play piano or guitar brilliantly (or sing)
49. Healthy
50. Temperate and not into excessive drinking or irresponsible drug use
51. Teaches me interesting things every day
52. Inspiring
53. Respectful
54. Worldly
55. Is ready to get married in the next two years
56. Has a beautiful home / great eye for design
57. Owns a fast, sexy car
58. Confident
59. Talented lover
60. Balanced -- values his work, friends, and hobbies (but I am top priority!)

61. Connected
62. Well-liked / beloved
63. Loves animals -- especially Lilly!
64. 75% homebody, 25% enjoys swanky events
65. Politically liberal / socially liberal
66. Great photographer / likes taking photos
67. Loves a good costume party!
68. Joie de vivre
69. First marriage (never been married or engaged before)
70. Perceptive
71. Will support me in whatever I want to do
72. A good friend
73. Dreams big -- and makes those dreams a reality


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