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Special Wednesday Exclusive Episode 5 MissAdvised;-)


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 OMG! I think the more that I watch this show the more that I really start seeing these ladies are true head cases. The show starts off with the opening question to the ladies:

“Is Being Yourself a Good Strategy for Dating”

To be totally honest with you all I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to be you when you start out on your date. I mean you need to realize being yourself isn’t so much a strategy but, its more of being authentic and true about who you are. Now if you choose to hold back a few things until you really get to know this person or even to see if there is going to be a second date is good; my grandmother gave me a piece of advise “ You as a lady should never show your full-hand at one sitting because, you never know if that person is coming with a full-house or just bluffing and has all trash in their hand.” I found that to be the best advise but, being yourself shouldn’t be or become a strategy in dating.


Our ladies on the other hand felt somewhat different across the table but, all and all they felt that being you should be a good strategy to play and if you cannot be you then that means this person isn’t for you. This week I found myself really sitting and thinking after the show was over in regards to each of these ladies and I’ll explain why as we get into Monday nights episode; and you’ll see why I say the things that I will say.

Let’s start with Emily who is in San Francisco: Last week as you know she did the whole thing with yucky creepy Reid you remember “Kissing Demo” well, we find her on her radio show with Menace her Co-host who, in turn says that he couldn’t believe that she went on this unreal date or put herself into that whole situation. Well, as she is telling Menace about the thing with Reid some how or another the question of did she want to kiss Menace came up who they have been working with each other for a little over 6 yrs. and no sort of feelings or anything has come up between them. Needless to say Emily, goes over and kisses Menace and I don’t mean like a peck for a dudeEmily Kissing that I work with and respect as my partner on the air.. I mean it was very odd and they both felt how odd it was afterward because; they both really didn’t know what to say to each other.. (Pure stupidity) Emily, is such a peculiarity type of person, I say this because in one breath she speaks of wanting a true and exclusive relationship but, then she says she isn’t sure she is ready to just be in an exclusive type of relationship. I mean just a little over a week ago she was back in Michigan, just eating up the attention and speaking on having that special someone to come home to or turn to and now she’s out with Reid examining open relationships and then she wonders what would make him think she would want to have a 3 some.. Guess what this week she goes out on a date with this guy Zach who is a blind date and they go on this date that is odd but, hey its Emily and they start doing Acrobatic Yoga together; and then as they sat casually on the grass feeling rather relaxed and into each other and speaking of what each of them are doing Zach by the way is in school getting his Doctorate in Sexuality states “I’m in an Exclusive relationship for 1yr with a really sweet girl who is open to bringing other women into our relationship for a 3 some, and he would like to know if Emily would be open to this?” Emily, looks at the camera and seriously says hello what makes them feel I would want to be in a relationship of such.. Hmmm Let’s see maybe its the energy that she’s putting out there because, when she called her friend to tell them how this date went the friend even had to question her on was this something she wouldn’t be interested in.. Emily1 I told you she has serious issues and is so jaded that she couldn’t find real love or true love if it walked up and slugged her up side her head.. I find her to be just gross in her way of thinking and actions and she needs to first deal with her issues that she has with the way she sees relationships either she was seriously hurt but, as I say this Emily states “I guess all of my feelings stem from the dysfunctional way that my mother handled relationships and how many times she was married and divorced.”   Prior to Emily getting involved with David which by the way, he is coming to San Fran next week for a few weeks, she needs to go and sit on someone’s couch quickly.

Next Stop is New York City where we find Amy: We find Amy on the phone with her client/last date Tim who she has fixed up with Lauren and she is going over the rules and making sure he is ready for his date and very adamant about him understanding and following her rules that, needless to say she doesn’t follow nor heed at any point in her own relationship or dating life.Amy1 In the meantime of her being on this call her Partner in Business comes in Jay, to talk and see how she is and as she hangs the phone up she starts speaking about Lewis, and Jay tells her she need to lighten up and just have FUN!! As those words are coming out of Jays mouth a text message comes in from Lewis to Amy asking her out and kind of making a joke at the situation from the week before in a sarcastic playful way and he puts like a wink and smiley face (Hope you had a good time on our last date ;-). Jay tells Amy to let it go and not to read so much into everything and just reply back that she would like to join him on the date and to keep it light fun and allow herself to loosen up and let her hair down. In the mean-time Amy decides she needs to call a good friend/Stylist over to help her select a more relaxed and not so stiff of a look for this date, what her friend selects is a white wife beater with a black sequence jacket/jean and a cute high heel. I just have to roll forward for you all to the date!! Now they go to this diner for dinner and they are sitting trying to figure out what to have for dinner but, Lewis isn’t like his flirty sexy self in all honesty I don’t know it could just be me.. Anyway, he says to Amy can you have red meat? (really kind of dry and sarcastic because, you know on the first date she counted the calories of his dinner and her hot chocolate) Amy, is all like oh yes, I allow myself once a-week red meat and orders a hamburger and I have no idea what Lewis ordered… During the dinner Amy can feel that their is something wrong with Lewis and he says look to be honest “I thought about how you acted last week over me missing 1 text and I have to be honest I’m just not feeling the way in which you acted.” Amy and Lewis1 Amy, says well I apologized and she starts stating that he is critiquing her and Lewis said you asked me to do this and she says well I’m not asking you to do it now and out of NO where Lewis, who just became my HERO says look I really don’t feel we need to see each other at this time and like a BAT OUT OF HELL Amy, popped up from the table and ran out the door.. Hahahaha!! LOL!! I’m sorry she so deserved this because she, pulled some kind of stalker/insecure/desperate Chic out on Lewis with the 1 missed text message.. I mean she couldn’t even get herself together to call her friend who helped her get dressed to tell her he dumped her.. Poetic Justice if I may say so!! LOL!!

Now look I saved Julia to last Los Angeles: You guys Julia decides that she is going to speak with another professional and this time she calls Peter Crone a Happiness Expert he helps individuals rewire how they relate to others-Peter wants to know what is her issue and Julia says writing-How this is something that she is supposedly in love with ergo the job with Elle “Hello” and the expert sees through this which in turn he says this isn’t the problem its really “FEAR” all kinds of bells and whistles really went off because you can see it. Anyway, she starts with the water works this chic needs and Emmy for her performance on this show in all honesty- Peter, says to her that she needs to stop trying to be perfect/fake and unauthentic (Hello running theme she doesn’t get it!! HELLO!!!) He tells Julia to be real and for the first time Julia said something that is so honest “I don’t know if I know who the real Julia really is” I was like thank you its about time your honest with someone and he missed it because she said it under a tone of laughter.. Well, anyway, she meets this woman out in LA that she becomes friends with and her name is Jessica, and she comes over because Julia tells her she met a guy excuse me in the words of Julia “I met a boy on Facebook”  then she tells Jessica that if this date doesn’t workout she is thinking of possibly becoming a lesbian, so Andrew and Julia have been friends on FB for about 1year and they chit-chat a lot and she invited him to come to LA and she planned the full-date again.. Taking charge being the man, not allowing the guy to have any input and just pure pushy. Julia tells Jessica that she has planned a Prom date for her and Andrew and she has every prom dress she ever wore when she was in school.. I really saw Jessica kind of slow look at the door like should I run now or should I stay? LOL! She started trying on these prom dresses while Jessica is there and I just wish you could have seen Jessica’s face and then she says to Julia “Do you really think this is such a good idea or maybe a bit much” Julia turns and says to Jessica “This is the real me and I have to be authentic and I guess since I’m paying for everything I’m going to just mess with this guy” (side note: If you recall Julia stated, she didn’t know who she was and how hard it was to be so authentic when you’re working to find that real person) Who is the lying here? Anyway, she goes and picks Andrew up and she is wearing this little black short skirt w/knee high socks and this little crop top so childish in all honesty… (I want to interject at this point: Julia acts as if she is a person who was molested as a child. She has all of the behaviors of a child who has survived molestation at a young age and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later that she was) Anyway, Andrew ask her what are they going to do and she says I’m not going to tell you yet, and next thing you know they are pulling up in front of a Tuxedo shop and he is like is this for real is this for me? Needless to say she is like yup come on and laughing like and uncontrolled hyena.. Andrew tries on several tuxes and finally comes out with the one he like and a caneJulias date  he is such a good sport and is like okay well I think I’m ready now Julia what do you think and just as he says this the laughing Court jester comes popping out from behind the wall in this ugly 1980 prom dress and Andrew just was like I should have known it and just laughed and played along with his crazy date

Julia Prom dressNow look speed forward to the end of this crazy date that she planned and the good nature that Andrew took everything and even enjoyed this odd woman. Now Julia is in the Limo with Andrew and they are standing through the sunroof and she’s screaming we’re on our Prom and they kiss and its a good kiss and then kiss again in the Limo.. Now she takes Andrew back to his hotel and they are standing outside and she’s laughing again like some joke was just told and Andrew says well, I guess next date I get to plan and she doesn’t respond and then, he ask when do you want to get together and Julia blows him off and says just Kiss me and then tells him you have my numbers call me.. I’m like you are playing games and its just about you writing a story for Elle!! Julia, is like a real shallow book and as you start reading it, it becomes so clear that she is just about herself and she is just about getting her own TV show at any cost.  

We cannot wait to see what next week will bring on MissAdvised;-), Monday Nights at 10pm EST on Bravo TV after New York Housewives.

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