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Special Edition Episode 4 MissAdvised;-)

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Hey Fabulous LaPazions welcome back to another Special Edition of our coverage of Monday nights', Bravo TV’s MissAdvised;-). The show always opens with a great question that is put to the ladies and this week the question was “Who Should Make the First Move?” I almost could tell you verbatim what each of the ladies was going to answer, and guess what I wasn’t wrong:

Julia Allison1

 Julia-LA: “(Openings Answer) I feel that the man should make the first move like men back in my fathers day did (Daddy Issues)”: This week of coarse like each week its all about and her antics for this week was to go and visit a Witch-You read this correctly the nut went to a witch to give her like a love potion. Julia, is so over the top and just the pure desperation is starting to make me sick of her. You all remember that last week she went on another date via the “Love Coach” that told her to try and be her “Authentic” self on this date and not to do all of the things that run the men away from her. (Side Note: What people are missing is, Julia; I personally feel doesn’t really know who that Authentic person really is and she couldn’t be Authentic if we paid her) The witches instruct her on what she needs to do and it was so bad that the one witch calls on the help of the Magola who gives Julia this box to place these issues into that put far away from her to bury it. Needless to tell you all when it comes to Julia, she cannot follow directions to save her life, and allow things to happen and not force or make things happen. Airgo calling William and making another Ass of herself which by the way she does with perfect ease and effortlessness. I tire of this woman so let’s move onto Emily.

Emily Morse 

Emily-San Francisco: “(Openings Answer) I feel if its right and you think your able to make the move it doesn’t matter as long as someone does make the move (Whatever is all I have to say to that Answer)”: This week starts off as always Emily at her Radio show Sex with Emily; where she is speaking to her Co-host regarding her date she had in Michigan with David R. and how wonderful it was and how she enjoyed herself but, as always the Co-host from hell brings up her negative attribute which is her lack of commitment or not willing to really be monogamous. Right in the middle of the conversation this very odd looking fellow comes peering into the studio which is her guest for the evening Reid. Focus on this what Reid looks like if you ever have seen the move Spiderman  where the evil Green-Goblin is after him well this is exactly what Reid looks like the Dad after her turns into the Green-Goblin and he hears the voice speaking to him well now you get a very clear picture of this creepy guy. Anyway, Reid comes onto the show and he states that he is in a polymerous relationship basically means that him and his significant other can bring in men or woman into the bedroom and they can see others but, still be somewhat monogamous. During the interview Reid starts speaking about his classes he holds well demonstrations of different love styles and he invites Emily to join him as his demo partner for this “Kissing” demonstration. (Side Note: I just knew when Emily looked at Weird- yucky Reid, she would say thanks but, no I’ll just come and watch but, Emily is weak and unable to just say NO) Needless to say Emily agrees to be the Demo partner for this very odd evening. I have to come back to this and take you over to Amy.

Amy Laurent 

Amy-New York: “(Opening Answer) I know this is the new age but, I still feel the guy should make the first move but, sometimes you need to take that step,” I hate to open this conversation up about Amy in a negative but, in all honesty. Anyway as we meet up with Amy she is speaking with her good friend Lorenzo (which by the way is another hypocritical thing of hers) Now you know that Amy is trying the dating thing and has only been out on 2 dates and she says to Lorenzo that she feels as if she is “Gorging out on dating.” Then on top of everything else she is spazing out on the fact that Lewis still hasn’t contacted her and basically its only be like 2-3 days since the date and all, so I really feel what it is, Amy really fell hard for Lewis more than she really wants to admit to. Lorenzo and Amy meet up again to talk and shop and as they are walking along Lorenzo says to Amy that he couldn’t get over how she is acting over this young 28 year old Lewis and that she needs to date up and how he cannot understand why she doesn’t date someone in the 40’s or just above 40 that have their heads on straight. Amy has the nerve to say that 40+ is Too Old for her.. Hello your in your mid 30’s news flash this isn’t too old for you this is just right for you but, duh!! Is really all I can say about that statement it blew my mind that she thinks mid 40 is too old and not right for her. Anyway lets go back to Julia.

Julia: Okay Julia calls William and she does make the date and for the date she sets everything up (Just put her man gear on an emasculated William) now she plans out this date where she going to take William to go wine tasting and horse back riding, plus she ordered them a Limo for this date. Needless to say William shows up for the date and looks so uncomfortable as Julia is gushing and doing her best act of trying to not be turned on which she is and is ready to jump on him just as she did with poor Chris.. They go on the date and they get to the point where they come to the wine tasting and Julia is trying her best to get William drunk, pouring more wine in his glass than hers and telling the wine aficionado to giving him more than he gives her. They meaning William and Julia go and sit down and she like falling and pawing all over William and he looks so uncomfortable and just like how do I get out of here.  Well she says to give her a kiss and he does the real G Move and just as she’s at his lips turns his head slightly and she get the side of his mouth. Julia, get’s this little attitude and states to William; “after I got you a limo and took you to a nice date like this I cannot get a simple kiss? I really think I could get a kiss, so William kisses her and you can see he throws up a little bit in his mouth after she swallows his throat. LOL!!!  I mean in all honesty if I was this guy I would just be like listen I’m just not into you and I appreciate the date but, I cannot handle this. No when she says do you want to go out again it was an awkward yes and I’ll call you. Needless to tell you all this is going to go in circles until William man’s up and tells Julia “I’m sorry you’re to pushy and demanding and insecure for me to date you.”

Emily: Reid and Emily are doing this demo showing how the response to kissing should look for you and your partner and it is just pure disgusting and pervert Reid just gets to have his way with other women.  Once this demo is over he invites Emily out for a drink, no shocker here cause you can see where this is going but, not Emily she’s all like sure I’ll have a drink with you and as soon as they have the drink Reid invites her to come back to his home with his odd partner for 13+years.  They get to the house and the house is done in a style of beatniks and pillows sitting on the floor well laying on the floor with them and then Reid says to Emily he’s ready for his partner Allison and Emily to have Sex, and Emily looks like a cat that was caught trying to get the bird out of the cage. She’s like oh, I’m just not ready for this and I cannot make this step-You should have seen how fast Reid and Allison got Emily out of the house but, with the invitation of whenever she is ready to please come back.. Can you just say YUCK!!

Amy: She get’s her phone call from Lewis finally and he ask her to go Salsa dancing and she has this sort of stank attitude with him and excepts his invitation to go out.  Once she does she starts feeling like a school girl with the butterflies in her stomach and nerves just pumping out of control so she instantly jumps on the phone and calls Lorenzo, to ask him “How should she dress going out to dance?” Lorenzo is like “Amy are you serious its a dance of passion and being sexy, what do you think? What is your issue Amy just dress like you would for something sexy and fun”. Date night, Lewis tells her to meet him at the place and she acted like he cursed her but, she got there just fine. Well when she see Lewis, who really looked very handsome and was happy to see Amy, she gave him this kind of stand off attitude with a slight indignation. I’m like are you so high school and childish that your going to act like this all night. Nope she took it to the next level by telling Lewis, how upset she was that he didn’t call her and Lewis thought she was joking at first but, then quickly saw she wasn’t and said well Amy its only been 2-3 weeks since seeing you and I sent you and email. She was going to have her temper tantrum, until he apologized and Lewis did just that apologized and asked her did she think she could move on and have fun. Amy was like yes that is all I needed from you was an apology for me to feel better and she said some other stuff that was like so irrelevant that I cannot begin to tell what it was. 

Bravo LadiesNeedless to tell you all these ladies have such issues that its becoming tiresome and that as a Life Coach, I think they need to first and foremost; prior to looking for love is to really sit down and figure out who and what they want out of their own lives prior to them entering into another persons’ life. Now with regards to “Who should ask whom out first” With woman being so forward in their careers and life they should feel they can make the first move of introducing themselves but, then know that you have to stop being the man and allow the guy to make the move afterward. Meaning stop being a man and let yourself be the lady that you really should be.

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