Monday, July 16, 2012

Sparks Fly at BeBe’s!

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Yes its so true that BeBe finally let the sparks fly because, they’ve hired the beautiful, talented and so gifted American Idol winner Jordan Sparks as their spokes person. I’m so excited to here that this amazing singer is now the new face of BeBe, because we just don’t get to hear enough about her. I don’t know if you all are aware of her fabulous makeover well I wouldn’t even state its a makeover, its more of her just getting healthy and watching what she eats that is really what has helped her to slim down and look so stunning. You know Jordan, has such a bright smile and had a main of hair to die for but the new Jordan is very grown and sexy! This is the lovely Jordan Sparks that most of you may remember via winning Idol and doing other major projects right after leaving Idol:

american-idol-jordin-sparks jordin-sparks jordin-sparks-1The new healthier Jordan is still that beautiful sweet girl, but she surly looks a little more alluring, sexy and very HOT!!  I have to Jordan is really stepping into her womanhood, and bring such an amazing air to the BeBe ad’s and they pick a woman that is just truly unable to take a bad photograph no matter if she’s taking it with her camera phone or if on the Red Carpet or doing the ad for BeBe:

fc03e3c4cc4811e1af7612313813f8e8_7I know look at her she is just breath taking and looking Gorgeous!! She looks just amazing in these photos and you still can see the playful, full of life young lady that we got to meet and all fall in love with during Idol but, she is really grown up and the blown-out hair just makes her have a certain jenesequa.  Just to let you all know,  this beautiful young lady has been doing amazing things in her career from her music to her being on Broadway and now as some of you all may or may not know she did; a movie with the late Whitney Houston which will be coming out in August or September of this year.  Jordan is also seeing the Jason Derulo and she also nursed him back to health after his accident and the two are very happy and they seem to have a lot of things in common with each other and they also look so sexy together:

nurse maid healthy back in love Jordan and Jason Jordan and Jason sexy shotJordan really has sparked and she is doing major things in her career and life, and we’re just looking forward to seeing more of this young talented singer and hope that she will do more promotional and makeup advertisements.

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