Monday, July 9, 2012

Dessert for Fashion Idea

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Meah: Editor

Photographs by: S. LaRae & D. Robinson


Yummy dessert has to be one of my favorite parts of any meal but, one evening I was in my kitchen whipping up a batch of my Mint Chocolate Cupcakes for a good friends baby shower; and it made me start thinking of how beautiful the colors look together. That really rich green with the deep mint chocolate its just pure beauty and just yummy, and why would it look just as good as a cute little summer outfit for a Bar-B-Q or some other little event that you may want to attend. Here is the inspiration for this article first and foremost:

Cupcake2Aren’t they just delicious looking well they taste as good as the look but, then it made me want to move to the closet and see what I could place with what and my statement color had to be the mint, because it is just that cooling effect and its lush. Now ladies every shade of green isn’t for everyone so you must be mindful of this and then look into getting a color analysis, with and Image Consultant so, this way you’ll look bright and youthful and not drained and pulled down. You’ll also want to go with a nice shade of chocolate something that is deep in color and if you cannot get a chocolate dry it in a deep grey shade that is rich and takes on the hues of that chocolate factor and don’t forget the accessories.  You’ll want to go with the chocolate factor if your with the deep mint green on top but, if you have the chocolate on top and the mint green on the bottom flip it where you have the green as your signature jewelry and the rest will just work itself out. Let me show you how I thought you could play this great little baked yummy off for a Fabulous Day of Treats and Fun:

cupcake3Then don’t forget your makeup try putting on a very natural face but, play up your eyes like the jeweled peacocks because the green will look fabulous but, instead of going with the deep chocolate we did a great hue to pop off our green and play it up just a little bit more:

cupcake1I think however you decide to play up your makeup just remember that sometimes we can take inspiration from a little bit of everything; just I did with my cupcakes. I love that you can see the shine of the two and its always good to play with your food every now and then!!


We would love to hear your thoughts on this article and also see some of your inspirations when it comes to your look or what makes you rock a certain look! Well Loves whatever it is keep being Fashionable, Creative and Always Fabulous!



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