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Special Wednesday Edition MissAdvised;-) Episode-7



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Happy Wednesday Edition my fellow LaPazions! We’re here to give you our take on Monday, Nights episode of MissAdvised;-)Bravo’s new hot television series. 3 Professional Relationship Therapist that are on their own quest of finding true love. Well, as always the show starts off with a question to the ladies and this week was no exception; the question put to them was:

How Do You Know if the Guy is the ONE?”

Needless to say they all had their own little way of saying how they think they would know if a certain gentleman or guy, that they are seeing is that so said “One”. Julia, says that she looks at the relationship faze as like a bunch of circles and they all look alike but, you just know one of these is or possibly can be the “One.” (Side Note: I could maybe able to except this statement from someone else as sounding kind of logical but, when it comes out of Julia’s mouth it just sounds purely CRAZY) Amy, states I can always tell for my Clients (notice she didn’t say for herself.) when its really the one for them, before they ever know or realize it for themselves. Poor Emily, states that she isn’t really sure if she knows what the One really is or isn’t.

The show opens up with Julia who is in LA: Andrew stayed over from the night before you know the Dinner party that Julia acted like a pure ass when she opened the door and Andrew was standing there. Julia, gives Andrew a pink blanket to sleep under and pillows that are in pink pillow cases and her name scripted on the cases. JP who is Julia’s roommate comes up front and everyone is just exhausted; JP turns to Andrew and tells him that it was so nice of him to come and surprise Julia what made you do it? Andrew, in turn just says its because of Julia and the guilt that she laid on me and they laughed but, it wasn’t genuine. Needless to say Julia didn’t pick up on it and she is going on and on about breakfast and asking him Andrew all he would like for breakfast. She goes all out with breakfast and Andrew seems a little disjointed and not so plugged in as Julia is making things out to be, and off camera like on the one-on-one; That she now feels that Andrew is inspiring and spiritual and that now she doesn’t feel that her 73 item Checklist isn’t as important and she is so ready to rush things. Per Julia “I want to rush things either go deep or go home” Well my loves stick around because its going to really get good TRUST ME!! We’ll come back to Julia.

Let’s drop in on Amy the Matchmaker who lives in NY: She seems to have snapped back from being dumped and then going on her nice rebound date in Connecticut last week and she finally let her hair down and have fun. This week Amy was approached by Kelly Wallace who works for iVillage. The funny thing is that Kelly and the folks at iVillage have asked Amy to be their “Official” dating expert, LOL!! (I’m so sorry I’m just killing myself with laughter because she is no “expert” by far, well maybe on what not to do but, what to do.. Hahaha! NOT!!) Anyway, I’m so sorry I digressed for a moment there. Well, her very first webisode’s topic was “How to start Dating after a Broken Heart” Amy started off by saying and giving a little chuckle that she understood this ever so well.. LOL!! The just didn’t know how well she really knew this fact. The she goes off giving this bit of advise that she never follows and by the way the Rule thing she makes all of her clients follow and if the break even just one rule she drops them from her service; well trust me she should dump herself and hire someone who could really be a benefit in the dating expertise. She tells everyone on the webisode “Never wrap yourself to quickly into the relationship or into feeling as if your in love give yourself time and remember everyone isn’t for you” I think I just gagged when she started with this great line of bull and she knew she feed them a line because she gets this little smirk. She’s just so uneventful at times that it makes me sick..

Photo via iVillage  Next we moved on to Emily the San Francisco Freak: It always starts off the same with Emily that she’s in the studio but, this week they meaning herself and Menace was just getting to the studio and it was some sort of strange vibe or energy between them when she walked in not like the normal sexual tension. Well, as they are standing there saying hello to each other Emily tells or reminds Menace that David R (high school crush) is coming to visit her and would be arriving today. Menace, says well are you going to sleep with him? You know he’s coming all the way here for the sex not just a little foreplay and Emily get’s somewhat like bashful and says well I don’t know we’ll see what’s what. They get into the show and start speaking about knowing if you have the “One” and Emily says, she doesn’t believe their is just the one I think its more like (A) You believe you like him (B) You made out with him and (C) If he is someone you’d be willing to see again or keep around for a bit.  Just as they were about to really get into it low and behold who walks into the studio and they start making out in front of Menace who by the way, if you caught his look he hated him in that moment and wanted to be the one Emily was kissing and making such a major deal over. Instantly he says to David, well did you know that Emily doesn’t believe in “The One” and David co-signs the same feelings that Emily has and even says some of the same feelings that she has expressed in the pass. Either dude really feels like this or he is doing major homework on Emily and bagging major brownie points with her. I mean its so ironic for a person to really have the exact same ideas and thoughts regarding love, romance and relationships you would have some differences' you would think but, hey may be this is Emily’s One.  

Let’s head back to LA where we left Julia: Keith Pollack you know Julia’s boss from Elle Magazine decided to do a photo shoot with Julia at her house, so when Keith got to Julia’s place he was like you wasn’t joking that your place is all pink. Julia, who is always clueless is like laughing like the hyena takes Keith back to her room and closet to find out more regarding the shoot and he gives her a little idea and she says well I thought maybe like my pink bridesmaids dresses and my grandmothers vintage dress that I use to hang on the wall for several years, as wall art and Keith says “wow that’s odd” and then as she is showing him the bridesmaids dresses he is like okay, well this is very weird and Pollack and the Photographer are having a great laugh at the expense of Julia as she is talking to herself and then Julia suddenly get’s they are having a good laugh at her and she is like “I don’t care they just don’t get me”. Hello, only very odd and those with major insecurities and daddy issues are the only ones that really can get her and feel the insanity.. LOL!! Needless to say its our Julia as over the top as she can be and looking ever so crazy in her shoot that turned out Fabulous in a very odd way:

Julia too PinkGoing back to NY with Amy: She’s doing her favorite pass time which is working out. Amy is working with her Personal Trainer Larry, who basically said to Amy that she really needed to date within her age bracket and stop dating below her age group because, she may have better success. Larry has her on a mad workout and then he tells her to do her chin-ups and she started to do them and this guy is right in front of her getting ready to start chin-ups and Amy starts with he masculine self the competition of who was going to do so many and the longest. She kills me telling her Match clients (females) allow the man to be a man and don’t be so quick to emasculate them. Ended up that I guess the strong she-man type is exactly what Kevin likes (Side Note: Larry, gives Amy a little piece of advice and the ever so arrogant; Amy says do you think I’m taking dating advice from you) he’s 36 years old and he has no children and he’s also very single. He asked Amy out and she excepts and then she says to the camera one-on-one I guess I’m going to break my own rule “Never date anyone you go to the Gym with because, if it ends on a very bad note; you’ll see this person at the Gym and it will be very awkward and uneasy.” Needless to say she takes the date.

Amy at gym  Now on the first date that Kevin invites Amy out on is a little untraditional and that is because, they meet up at the Gym. She’s like okay a Gym I wouldn’t think this would be where we would have our first date but, okay and then Kevin let’s Amy know that they will be rock climbing and she is all like “Rock Climbing” not going to a mall or shopping or dinner but Rock climbing and then something just happen when uptight, afraid of heights Amy took to the Rock wall and started to climb the wall. It was like almost as freeing as the apple patch and I mean she really enjoyed herself and although she made the 1st complement and 2nd complement on Kevin she didn’t put on the masculine role and wear her man pants. I have to say the first time that you go a glimpse of a true lady with Amy and I was for once not just sick of her and throwing things at my television. The make plans for another date which I’m looking forward to seeing next week.

Back to San FranFreako with Emily: Now after Emily and Menace get off the radio, Menace suggest that they all go get some lunch and so that is what they do. I have to tell you all that during lunch something very odd took place because Menace started asking very embarrassing questions and telling some very inappropriate stories and once again its all at the expense of Emily and he then says to David R. has he started to have wet dreams or perform self pleasing acts on himself while visualizing Emily.. OMG!! Get over yourself dude your married and you cannot have Emily even though you both keep saying your still just friends. Then David says that he want to go to the Valley so now they are going away with each other and Emily is like all giddy and happy and shopping and ready to just spend time with.

Emily and David


They are both ready to spend time together and just as Menace asked her if she slept with him all of her friends even Ruby; asked Emily had she slept with him and when she stated she hadn’t she seemed to be shocked just as all the rest. These two are like 2 school kids that just cannot keep their hands off each other. Spoiler Alert!!! next weeks preview shows them getting in bed together and Emily says to David;  What are your thoughts of Sexy with Emily? David states well it better be good.. Myself and my partner Najaam Lee-Editor-in-Chief of Gosh About located at was like OOOOHHH!!! Wow, now how does she feel about that dumb show title? We both feel she really needs to change that title because, it just insinuates that she is sleeping with any and everything.. Oh my bad, she is basically sleeping around with any and everything. LOL!!

Now we are back in LA with Julia: After Julia’s photo shoot Keith wants to meet with her in regards to her article that she is doing for Elle and as you and I are very much aware of she has no article for Keith nor Elle. Julia, says to Keith with the dumbest look on her face that she hasn’t or doesn’t have anything and its like she has writers block and some other BS that she is so quick to spoon feed him; you can see and hear in Keith’s voice that he is very upset with Julia and is trying to be encouraging to her stating that she shouldn’t be over analytical with the articles and that she just had to write. I’m so sorry if this was you or I and we told our boss or Elle Magazine that we didn’t have anything for them or to present to them they would fire us without any thought. Julia sucks when it comes to being professional or having a work ethic. Now Julia after she speaks with Keith you would think that she would go home and try to start working on her article and put some ideas down no she goes home and is packing and JP her roommate ask her where is going because Julia, is packing and she states that she is going to see Andrew. JP was surprised cause he was just at there house and ask Julia, if he invited her to come see him and Julia says well, No I kind of sort of invited myself. JP says well Julia do you think this is good? Julia says look I have to have the talk with him and back him into the wall and see if our chemistry is the same and I could fall in love with him and I want to know if he is feeling the same way as I am. JP says well Julia you all haven’t even slept with each other not even when he was here right and Julia starts wiggling and acting like a 5 year old caught doing something she wasn’t suppose to; and she says to her that well I went down on him and she was like oh wow.. Julia arrives in San Fran at Andrews home and comes in like the laughing hyena and says; hello I come with gifts and its just something odd about his behavior and body-language but, she doesn’t pick it up and just keeps moving like a steam roller. He pops the Champaign and Andrew says he doesn’t want either and she is moving right along; and she tries to kiss him and he seems so on guard and giving her like the cold shoulder clueless wonder is just still so stupid.. Then she says to him well what’s going on with us? Andrew pauses and you can see him being uncomfortable and Julia says that she can feel herself falling in love with him and Andrew is like oh, well I don’t feel that way.. Boom!! Did you hear the bomb go off in the room or what!! OMG!! I’m killing myself right now because Julia, is oblivious to anything!! I mean I know its editing but, it looks like Andrew is just cold and uncaring and just shows Julia the door, didn’t get her a cab and sure as hell didn’t care about the tears.. COME ON JULIA GET A CLUE FOR $1000 I don’t care if she follows the rules of the best Matchmaker, Dating Counselor or Life Coach she would still completely blow it because, she needs to first and foremost need to work on herself and her insecurities this way she can have success in her life and relationship. I see her career going in the exact same direction if she doesn’t wise up quickly.

Look you all only have next week to watch because I hate to say it, its the season finally. I’m so sorry to see this come to and end but, I have to tell you this has been one of Bravo’s best shows and they should be Thanking Ashley Tisdale all the way to the bank.

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