Friday, August 17, 2012

New Vibe, Energy and Spokes Model for an old Cosmetic Brand!

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Article by: Sonya LaRae


OMG! I just received a rather shocking phone call this morning; and the breaking news in regards to the NEW face of Covergirl Cosmetics is none other than Rocker/Bad Ass/Punk/R&B Diva Singer-Song Writer PINK!! Yup, you read this correctly Pink is the new face for Covergirl and I just LOVE it!! I think the idea of them placing pink as the new face is hot because, she is going to draw the attention of the young ladies who are just a little bit different from the norm and that have a little more edge to themselves. I look at this as a new life to such and old brand and stand by that all of us have used at one point and time before we’ve graduated into such Professional Makeup Artist and using “so called” better brands. I honestly am excited to have Pink as the spokes model because I can identify with her as a Fashion Editor/Stylist/Makeup Artist and Lover of music; because she is just that down to earth no holds barred kind of Chic. Even the day that they did the unveiling of her poster and to announce that she is the new face; Pink took all the nerve and put herself in a cut out dress showing her stomach after just having her beautiful baby:

Pink CG5Pink has always been one to do her own thing and bring such a different element to whatever she is doing, just like when she walked into LA Reid’s office the Power Mogul of LAFace Records and told him to sign her now and rob her of whatever it is they was going to take her for, and then at the end she would get hers and trust me she is really getting hers.  From the amazing Music career, the breakup and then the back together again marriage to her sexy husband Extreme Sports Man Carey Hart to just becoming a mom to a beautiful baby; I think she can say she is having it all and doing it all very well:

Pink and Carey Pink Celebuzz I cannot wait to see the Ads that Pink and Covergirl will come up with, I just hope they allow her to be Pink and not want her to step into a fake role of not being true to herself. I’d love to hear you thoughts on this article and tell us who you’d like to see as the new face of Covergirl or some other major product.

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