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The Finally of MissAdvised;-) Special Edition!




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We hear the moans of everyone Urrrgghhh! The finally is here and its not all that we thought it might have been or is. I mean from the moment the show started I just knew it was going to be something but, what I couldn’t really tell you just as of yet. We started just like any other episode; where they ask the ladies their finale question:

“Do You Believe in True Love?”

Amy: In and ideal world I would say there is such a thing as true love, and being that I’m a Matchmaker I have to say yes. Plus I think there is such a thing so this way I can keep my positive thoughts and ideas in love.

Julia: YES!! I have to believe in true love because, this is the one thing that keeps me going each time I’m let down. Plus you have to believe in true love or what would be the use of keep going?

Emily: I really want to believe there is such a thing as true love but, I don’t really know if there is or if there isn’t but, I still going to hope it could be so.

Tonight’s show I think had a little bit of everything to it and some of it was good and other parts I don’t know if it was scripted or if it was really being true. I want to do this post differently from all the other because this is our finally together for MissAdvised and I think you all deserve a good ending even if we really got robbed. I’m going to go person by person to the end and move on then give a good wrap at the end of everything and I guess we will start with:

Amy New York City: Last week you know she met Kevin in the GYM, who like fell for Amy like a ton of bricks. Amy is working our with Lauren her good friend that she set Tim the Financial Advisor up with. Being that now that Amy is dating Keith, she cannot workout at her GYM and is now working out in her apartment complexes gym because she doesn’t want to have to shower and fix herself up to go and workout. I’m so like you didn’t look good when you met each other you was in your gym clothes and no makeup not like she really wears that much makeup in the first place and she challenged the man to a chin-up duel. Now, while Lauren and Amy are working out Amy starts asking her in regards to the date that she went on with Tim and Lauren is telling her how well things went and she really likes him. Then, Amy does something that  seems a little odd and somewhat suspicious even to my Partner Najaam Lee of Gosh About located at Amy says, to Lauren regarding Tim well, I guess he’s said or told you all about what I told him not to talk about his apartment and Lauren is like No, he didn’t Um why, what’s going on and really with like a oops in her voice  she’s like oh its nothing at all really so yeah, I’d love to see how you all interact. I know he’s going to probably be nervous when he sees me on your date but, you know its all for you. I’m like whatever don’t flatter yourself, your hoping he still feels a little like it didn’t work with us but, hey at least you’ve introduced me to your friend. I find Amy’s ego is bigger than she really even realizes because, she is so caught up into her own hype of being the best Matchmaker in NY, which in my humble opinion I know of better and have seen better (Toward the end of this I’m going to tell you something in regards to Amy so make sure you finish reading) Now, its later in the evening and Amy makes it home and there is a package waiting on her and she is like, surprised so she sits down and opens the card which read “Thanks for taking a Risk with Me Love Keith” and then she opens the gift and low and behold its cupcake pajama bottoms. I guess it was great to see that Keith, was listening to Amy but, I found it odd that he took time to find/locate and send Amy such a obscure kind of gift:

cupcake PJ bottoms(*Here is what I was going to tell you: Don’t you find it so odd with the behavior of Amy how she acts, the contradiction to all of her own advise-It brought up another very well know Bravo TV Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Patti always had so much to say and so many rules and tips to follow and the bite of a poisonous snake but, needless to say Neither of these ladies follow their own advise and Neither of them are in relationships, so how is it they expect people to really take them seriously. That would be like me as a Life Coach giving advise and tips to my clients but, on the other hand never take any of the information or the tips that I give and put them into use into my life. My life would be running amuck and be much like these supposed Experts.*)Patti Stanger Anyway, back to what I was going to say, just in case if any of you are interested in purchasing a pair of these cupcake PJ’s you can locate them at the GAP and they run about $19 and I know that you can also get them for your child to wear from in the amount of $22 plus $4.95 shipping and handling:

cupcake pj1   I don’t know I found it to be somewhat odd that, he picked this particular point an sent to her another pair of cupcake PJ’s. Amy runs into her bathroom and put them on immediately and they also come with a solid color T-top, Amy was like some sort of giddy little girl, when she emerged from the bathroom, and then she rushes to the phone to call Keith to thank him for such a wonderful gift. Keith, was so happy to hear Amy’s voice; she told him she had them on and he wanted to know if she was warm and cozy and she stated she was very warm and cozy and Keith seemed pleased and then he asked if she would like to join him out on a date the next night at Kibo-and she willingly and happily except the invitation they said their good nights and on his end wished her sweet dreams. Now, its the night of the date and Amy meets Keith at Kibo-Japanese/Sushi Restaurant in NY ( ) soon as he see’s Amy a big smile comes on his face and he hands her a dozen on beautiful roses, but the odd thing is Amy acts as if she has never received flowers or been treated nicely by anyone. I say this because for a woman who has so much experience and has been in relationships she acts like some first timer out on a date, its such and insincere, rather phony way that she puts on. Now they are at the table and they are making conversation and Keith says to her oh, there is another card in with the flowers for you, and Amy is like okay and takes the card out to read now, how they set this up was she got the card and read it and then she gets so bashful and looking over her shoulder as they cut to commercial so, we are thinking “Lord what did he say to her in this card because, her reaction is of someone who has been told something out of place.” We come back from commercial and the card reads this “Amy, I hope these can put a big smile on your face as you have done for me” very nice and sappy if I may say so, they get into conversation and Amy ask Keith, the same question he asked her tell me something that no one would know about you and he tells her how much he loves to ski-Amy, let’s him know that she cannot ski and never has gone before and is the next date skiing and should she purchase ski’s? I thought the advise that Keith gave her was so sound and then Amy, tells Keith wow, this sounds much like the advice that I give to my clients when I matchmaking. I let them know that they shouldn’t go running ahead and to take there time and plan things out, everything doesn’t have to go on a face pace journey.  Needless to say they made a connection and he reached out and took Amy’s hand and at the end of the date when they went outside there was no shyness or silly coy act by Amy, when Keith started kissing her and I mean he kissed her to let her know that I’m into you and I’m going to be pursuing you with all my might. He seems to be very genuine but, he also is the type of guy that would stalk you if you broke up with him. I thought I’d also give you and idea of how many perspective loves Amy had and also AB counts as one because she really has a secret relationship with him:

Scott ep6 AB Lewis the ManAt the end of the show the interviewer asked Has your out look on Love or True Love changed? Amy, stated that she is really excited over Kevin and is going to give him a chance and she stated she isn’t going to beat herself up when things fall apart. Notice she said when not if, so I guess she is still be pessimistic.

Emily in San Francisco via Napa Valley: Last week you know that David R. Emily’s high school dream love came down to visit and then surprised her with the trip to Napa Valley to go to Wine Country and to visit a few Vine Yards. They arrive in Napa Valley and both of them at the same time said how Romantic and peaceful the location is where they are going to be staying. When Emily is alone on the camera she makes this statement in regards to how she is feeling right now when she looks at David,; Emily says: “ Its been so long since my loins are singing” I mean come on who really speaks like this?! She is such a yuck on two legs, I mean like really come on!! Emily and David go for the wine tasting and pairing which was very nice and Emily says, well one nice thing is we can get drunk and not worry about anything because we’re staying here and David who knows what will happen if we both get drunk (Side Note: I cannot begin to tell you how true this statement really became! LOL!!) I don’t want to jump ahead and kill this for you so, anyway they are drinking the wine and eating the chesses and different fruits and things that they have you try to bring the essence of the wine out and the different undertones and notes in each wine. Then out of her wine drunken stooper Emily says I so want to just kiss you and David says in his (duh sounding voice) yeah me too and so you know they start acting like two High School kids kissing each other and the people are like I hope they go to their room soon you can just see it in their faces. Emily ask David right after they kiss “Do you think its natural to be with just one person? (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ANSWER THAT DAVID GIVES!!) David’s reply: We’re not made to be with just one person and when you least realize what you’ve done next thing you’ll know is that next year we will be back here in the exact same place here in Napa getting married when it was suppose to be just a thing. OMG!! Boom!! Did you hear the bomb drop in the middle of Emily’s little delusional happy ever after.. Yup she caught it and said: I mean there is one thing to be a booty call but, come on to say it to someone’s face is like something, I just didn’t need to hear. Hello, isn’t this the chic who has been screaming I don’t believe in Monogamy, and how she thinks there isn’t such a thing as ONE TRUE LOVE? Now they go to the room and they have placed the wines that they really enjoyed and purchased in the room for them and Emily is sitting on the sofa and something seems to be wrong and you can feel that the mood has changed or something is up. David says to her are you okay she is like yes and he pulls her over and kisses her again but, you see in her eyes that she is different from the comment in regards to her being the booty call-David again says well are you comfortable and she answers yes, are you he says, yes and pulls her closer to him. Emily and David Next thing you hear David say, come on and they go back to the bedroom, well I’m like well here we go cause he’s ready and I’m not sure what Emily is ready for or not for and Emily says how does it feel being here with me, we’ve kissed but, never gone to the next step. David, says well with a show named Sex with Emily you Better be Good, I was like oh wow, and Emily is like well I guess I am but, hey you may not think so but, I haven’t had any complaints, and she excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. Meanwhile in bed David is like falling asleep from all the wine that he’s consumed and Emily comes out and doesn’t make a move gives him like a peck of a kiss and they both GO TO SLEEP!! I’m like OMG!! This is major-Now when David wakes up in the morning he doesn’t try to make a move on her and vise versa neither one of them is trying to play out on there pint up tensions-They go outside to have breakfast and its just beautiful and David says you, want to talk about last night with me just falling asleep-You could tell that wasn’t what she had in mind of talking about but, she was like it was okay I really didn’t mind-David, said I think its good that we didn’t do anything because he wouldn’t know what and how to act or do because he normally wouldn’t be around for the next day-Emily got so pissed off with what he was saying and she called him a looser and David said, look its like strange pussy-some very high school term and thinking and it showed Emily basically how she looks and sounds but, because it wasn’t happening to her she didn’t care and it never phased her one bit when other people would look at her the way now she is look at David. I mean they ended so abruptly and you just knew when they left there would be no more coming together. When Emily got home her and Ruby met for dinner to discuss how the trip was and first thing Ruby asked was Did you have sex? Emily, was too pleased to tell her they didn’t and that it didn’t really feel right and in the morning he was a dick and I don’t want to see him again and he’s not the one for me and it feels good that I didn’t sleep with him and didn’t just give in. I guess in a way we can say that Emily has grown up a little and she feels that possibly she can be ready for monogamist relationship and that there could be possible One true Love. Here are a few of the guy’s that Emily has been with and we also have Menace listed because, we know they really want to sleep with each other if they haven’t really done so already:

Allison Reids Partner  Menace1 Ray Luv Reid Zach- EmilyIts funny when a person is treated the same exact way that they treat everyone else that is around them. I personally feel that Emily needs to continue to visit her Psychiatrist or Psychologist to really work through all of her issues that she has from her parents divorcing and the issues she has with her father. Like Emily’s brother Michael, told her that she has to just allow herself to only be in the moment with that person and as we all know he seems to be fine with a family and a normal monogamist relationship:Michael Emily bro Next is Julia who is in LA: If you noticed I saved Julia to the end because with all of all of her crazy, she just had to be saved to the end. Last week as you all know Andrew broke up with Julia and she had a total melt down, so this week Julia has the Happiness Expert back-Peter Crone. Julia, let’s him know that she is very confused and depressed and how before she knew the exact direction in which her life was going or at least she thought it was going; and how she had her 5 year plan and what direction she would be going in and now she isn’t sure about her career or anything. (Side Note: My personal opinion in regards to her not knowing the direction of her career is because, she bit off too much with Elle “dream job” when she took this assignment on and telling them she is an expert in relationships when you can totally see that she isn’t) Happiness Expert Peter tells Julia something that she missed the first time they met and I think she still doesn’t get it; is until she becomes real with herself and not put these delusional and factious ideas in her head she isn’t ever going to have success in her life/career or relationships-again he told her to focus on herself and to concentrate on her authentic self and you will see you will begin to make progress- Now to show you how unauthentic and fake Julia is she starts like to cry but, there where no tears and then she starts that crazy laugh and says to Peter this was so good and I feel so clear minded, should we fist bump.. Hello are you serious you nut job-this man has taken time out of his busy schedule once again to come and assist you and you want to fist bump.. Julia and JP are going to meet their girlfriends for drinks and its so funny with no intension or plan JP and Julia are matching and so when Jessica and Chelsea see them they ask Awe!! Did you all plan this and JP was like no and we just noticed it totally coming into here, and Julia says oh I would love to dress like this everyday and everyone laughs thinking that she is joking but, little do they know that she is so serious.. Such a nut job; so Jessica starts giving her logic on the men out there on the West Coast and Julia agrees with her but, then she takes off and starts telling them her life dating history or story plus what just took place with Andrew and how she wish she could find a good and real date. Chelsea, says well I have someone that I really want you to meet and go out with. His name is Brian and he’s a Middle School Math Teacher and you see Julia’s face look like High School Teacher but, she says well okay I guess I should try you never know. Now, JP and Julia go home and they are talking with each other and Julia says to JP that she wish she had some sort of App on her phone that would prevent her from texting or calling her ex’s and as she is speaking her phone rings and its Brian and Julia acts very coy and like who is this and he say “Oh high this is Brian, I’m friend of Chelsea, and Julia says oh yeah okay the Math teacher right?” In a real condescending manner, but you can feel it so Brian ask Julia if she would like to get together with him in Sana Monica to go to the Paint Lab, to try painting? Julia, says to the camera one on one, normally its me who is setting up the corny dates but, its odd that my date is kind of geekier than I am and wants to do something like this. The Date: Julia get’s there and Brian is there already and for some reason, I just am not reading her body language to be as enthusiastic as she normally is and maybe she is trying to play it cool but, I’m just not reading the right body-language from her. The person who is over the studio shows them to their area and where they will be working and they start painting and Julia starts with PINK of coarse- David is over there painting and making good conversation and Julia wants to know how he knows Chelsea and he tells her and she makes comment about I never thought I would be out with a middle school teacher and Brian says well your living dangerous and I thought that was just too funny. He takes notice of her painting and he says hey, someone loves pink and she says Yes, I do and I have since I was young and Brian ask why? She tells him its because its so happy and whimsical and she just loves it and adds I know its odd but, if it was green no one would think it was odd. Brian, says well, I don’t think its overly odd because if its your favorite color then its your favorite color and Julia says to him well everything is pink like she is trying to get him to say something negative. Brian tells Julia that he thinks her painting is rather nice and gives her encouragement to hang her painting and to not be negative. I think that took her by surprise and then she tells him his painting is really nice and that he should hang his painting as well and he said I am. Now pay close attention to this:  The date is coming to and end and Brian is trying to figure out and workout how he would like to ask her out again and when he does Julia, says NO I mean we will see and Brian gives her a real kiss good night not one that she has to run after, make him turn his lips to her or jump on him for a kiss. I mean Brian plants a real kiss on her that took Julia by total surprise. I have to say I was shocked to really see her reaction and how she wasn’t really feeling him when he was into her. I was totally shocked with this chick, I told you all I didn’t feel that she was happy over him being a teacher and she must have made little comments a few times. The Conclusion: Julia says that Brian didn’t call her (Duh did you really think a guy who is much like yourself insecure is going to call you after you said not too?) but, per Julia I didn’t allow myself to obsess over it and didn’t blame myself. I’m like really just didn’t come as a shocker. This nut case tells us that she now doesn’t just have her 73 item list but now is up to 88 and the things she says is just a real shocker because they are more asinine then what she had before. I’d like to introduce a few of Julia’s pass loves to all of you:

William Andrew Brian Chris  I have to tell you all this has really been a lot of fun bringing the Exclusive coverage for the past 8 weeks to all of you. If you all would like for me to cover you show and give my honest opinion please feel free to contact Sonya LaRae – Editor-in-Chief at Thank you to everyone that has supported myself and Najaam each week and gave your honest feedback I don’t think we could have kept up with this if it wasn’t for all of you. Please let Bravo TV know what you thought in regards to our coverage we would really appreciate that as well you can go to Special thank you to the ladies of MissAdvised Emily, Amy and Julia you all have given us so much entertainment and its really helped me in the approach of my clients and I appreciate you all just being yourself, be it ever so crazy and questionable at times-Thank you!

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