Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Solange Knowles Isn’t a Baby Anymore!

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Many times when you hear the name Solange Knowles, you instantly say oh; Beyonce’s little sister. Well, we’re here to let you know this fabulous, extremely talented mother, model, DJ, Singer, Song Writer, Actress, Dancer and all around Fabulous Fashionista. When we heard that has selected Solange as their face for the campaign we was excited to see what they had in mind and trust us they didn’t disappoint and they took her away from the idea and thought of the young lady we all fell in love with. The lead cover is just perfection and is sexy but, just not overtly in your face, we love that they showcased her beautiful long legs, sexy hair and very natural alluring sheepish smile that makes her look even sexier if there is such a thing:

Solange6We really take our hat off to the Stylist of this shoot because; she really understood Solanges’ body-type and played it up all the way. The really cute Polka-dot short-short, the peacock blue blouse and the blue and green cardigan and the sexy little anklet socks with the heels is playful but like we mentioned prior its and understated sexy appeal, that isn’t to much that it turns off ladies or girls but, its appealing to all who look at the collection. We have to give you a look at other looks that Solange wore for this photo shoot and how much they complemented her look:

Solange4 Solange5 Solange1 Solange2 Solange3Solange has always been her own person when it comes to style, she doesn’t look like her sister or copy her in anyway. She has her own flare with a touch of that Retro, Boho Sheek and Glamour. When she took her statement to the ultimate top was when she decided to cut off all of her beautiful hair and rock her little boyish style, was hot and made so many people stop and take total notice of her for the REAL woman that she is:

Solange UpFront1 1396206_514130-djette-a-ses-heures-solange-knowles-637x0-3 Fash2 fash4 fash5 Fash8 Fash11 Solange DJ Solange Modern lookWe knew from the start that ‘Made and Well” selected choice and we think you all can see that it as well. Solange is taking on the Fashion industry one Outfit, Shoe, Ring and Accessory at a time and doing it with the class and grace that her beautiful sister and mother have passed on to her. We’re excited to see this amazing star shinning bright and high in the sky.


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