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Fashion Week Just 4 Day’s Away!



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OMG!! Do you feel the energy in the air? Have you been just running around trying to get everything in order for this Fabulous Week of Glamour, Style and Breathtaking Runway Shows? For many of us in the Fashion Industry we just live for our calendars to hit this time of the year, so we can see what our favorite Designers have been up to and what they are going to amaze us with, when their first looks hit the runways. Our schedule for this Fashion Week is rather lighter for this season; due to us just being so pressed and pulled in so many different directions leading up to this amazing week of style. Fashion week kicks off of course with Fashions Night Out which is only 04-Days, 04-Hours and 45-Minuets per the Count Down at

Thursday, September 6,2012 Fashions Night Out turns 4; I know we thought it was older than that but, only 4 years ago retailers joined in on this amazing event. Now to see that last year alone this amazing Bash/Event was held in eighteen countries and more than 4,500 events took place here in the States; Per Fashions Night Out. We see Celebrities from the Music Industry, Movies and Fashion take part in this splendid event. Last year in the middle of Time Square we saw Diddy perform and many others, if the City you live in aren’t taking part, see if you can make it to a sister City so you can really experience the amazing sales and breathtaking shows. NYC, really knows how to bring Fashions Night Out with a bang!! Once again visit the website for full details and to get your apparel to show your support and that your a true Fashionista:

FNO1   Now for all of our Fashion Bloggers; if you’re seriously into your Blog and you’re ready to take the steps to being known for your writing and your keen eye for detail, Style, Textures, Trends, Makeup and much more; YOU need to mark on your calendar #IFBCON 2012! THE ONLY FASHION BLOGGING CONFERENCE CREATED BY BLOGGERS, FOR BLOGGERS!!



This is the 7th season that IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) is holding one of the largest conferences and is going all-out; debuting a new, two-day event that will highlight the boldest of topics to educate us “Fashion Bloggers” and readers, on tools and tips to make us better at what we do!! I know that we are so excited over this event and plan on attending and if you want to attend this fabulous event and you’re a member of #_IFB for a Two-Day Ticket: $185 and for One-Day Ticket: $125 Non-Refundable you can register at We really hope to see you their and if not always check for a LiveStream at IFB website.

Then prior to the main event we have on September 5,2012



Joseph Abboud will be showing at 5pm at the New York Public Library Celeste Bartos Forum and then at 6pm The 9th Annual Style Awards. This promises to be a fabulous event and the whose-who will be in attendance for this star studded event. We’re so looking forward to this and if you’d like to catch portions of this event tune into the Style Network located on your local cable network.

Then the event of all events starts on Friday, September 7, 2012 we begin to see all of our favorite Designers showing their collections:

MBFWThings are still coming together and all the events that are on the front are moving us closer and closer to all of the Fabulous Collections. If you all aren’t ready yet just stay close to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward! We’re going to bring you coverage from #MBFW and just to let you all know the last day September 13, 2012-There are No Shows on Site but, there will be 5 shows off site which, we noticed several Designers have opted to show-off site; such as DKNY, Zac Posen, Tory Burch and John Bartlett to just name a few.

Ralph Lauren has TWO shows one at 10am and 11am Location: 275 Hudson Street

Calvin Klien has TWO shows one at 2pm and 3pm Location: 205 W. 39th Street

Cesar Galindo Collection  has his showing at 4pm Location: 71 W. 23rd Street 18th Flr.  

You can always see the schedule and other listing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Website located at

Theatre 2 Lincoln Theatre Theatre1

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