Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 1 MBFW- SS13-Show Creatures of the Wind:


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Ediotor: Meah

Photographer: Nicolas Bradoleski

Article By: M. DeGaines

Hey Fabulous LaPazions, we are here live at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and today is day one!! I have to say we’re already spotting some of the hot trends for the coming season and we love what they are presenting us with. I had the great pleasure of attending “Creatures of The Wind” by Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters, the collection takes birth of its name by and old Johnny Mathis song entitled “Wild is The Winds.”  I thought it so interesting being that I’m such a Johnny Mathis fan only due to my mother, who at the time worked for the Record Label he was with at the time of this particular album. Anyway, I love the retro, bejeweled and colorful collection that they offered us it wasn’t per-say anything that we haven’t seen before but, I love how they put their particular twist and signature to this new era of the 70’s feeling. The other thing was the makeup it was a somewhat natural feeling to it with detail to the eyes being heavily made the hair was such and understatement of the show like they forgot the budget for a hairstylist and just plopped these strange little bonnets on the models. You have to see this and let us know what you think of it; because we weren’t that impressed with the hair but the collection was nice but; it left me wanting just a little bit more:

CW2 1c3e9724-cf73-4b2a-805b-87aa0a244cf9_640x960 7f1e8a0d-b302-4b5e-94b3-f6ea943f1ff4_640x960 25fdd6ff-cf46-43ab-8484-4cb3423510ab_640x960 42bb0eb0-904e-405b-86e8-d0eaed32ed82_640x960 c973f2f7-d9a2-4d04-8103-93ac4948ca7a_640x960 CW1I enjoyed this collection and it is a fresh breath of air and I think there are certain pieces of this collection, I wouldn’t mind having in my own closet to add a certain pop. Stay close to us because we’re off to Costello and Tagliapietra, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they are going to give us this season because we loved them last year. As always I leave you with out tagline for us here,

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