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Designer Aloye Adede-Takes Concept to Reality:

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Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Meah: Sr. Editor

Photographs Provided by: Designer Aloye Adede


Hello Fashionable LaPazions, we’ve done it again-we’ve found another exceptional, dynamic and totally out-of-the box Designer; that blew us away with her original and ever so chic collection. Aloye Adede, who is a British based Designer has really taken hold of the 19th century and brought it modern. Her collection is a reflection of the Victorian era and it has great colors, textures and lines that you don’t see that often in styling’s such as this. I guess it goes back to her amazing background, Aloye is an Alumni of Isitituto Europeo di Deign (IED Moda lab) a prestigious Italian design school, where she obtained her Masters in Fashion Communication and Styling. Then on top of that she worked with the incredible Alexander McQueen and Wale Adeyemi.

We had to find out where she finds the inspiration for her line and Aloye stated “It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, old fashioned couture and modern design, which together achieve a timeless look.” We see now why this up-and-coming Designer was awarded in 2009 “Most Promising Designer of the Year” in South Africa and then Elected for the “Vogue Talent Supplement” by Sr. Editor of Vogue Italia; Sara Maino. Aloye, has had the pleasure of showing during Arise Africa Fashion Week (Johannesburg) and has also had the great pleasure of dressing several celebrities. There is so much that this Designer is offering that its hard to simply just put it into one article and selecting what to run has been very hard for us with this particular Designer because, she is so cutting edge and fashion forward. I guess right about now you’d like to meet Designer Aloye Adede:

Aloye Adede We see the influence that Designer extraordinary Alexander McQueen has had on this brilliant Designer from how she uses the different textures to off-set the lines and the masculine to feminine edges to the exclusive and limited pieces that are offered.  Prime example is from the customizable jackets that Aloye offers via her sister site Femme de Rose located at http://www.femmederose.com

NahicLiamOctettesnotext We love the mixes of fabrics from cloth, lace and leather the fabulous ruffled details to the pleats and rushing its done impeccably. This Designer thinks out-of the box even when it comes to the makeup, hair and the jewelry that her models will be wearing during the photo shoots which adds such dimension:

makeup stockist2 stockist3 I know you just lost your mind and started screaming I must have this look and this collection in my life and wardrobe! We know so did we and you can by visiting her website located at http://www.eloya.com (At release time of this article the site is under construction for the new 2013 collection upload). Aloye Adede, isn’t just wowing us she wowed those that attended the 09 AFW (African Fashion Week) and we have a peek at the collection for you:

Eyola Eyola Eyola EyolaI know its pure perfection done at its best!! Then for the new A/S 13 she’s bringing even more elegance and romance to the line and we were also informed that Aloye will be exclusively in one of the leading boutiques; we just cannot wait!

ChairNahicLiamGold Lates2  Eyola4 Eyola5

Then one last fabulous tid-bit for you all coming soon is the E-Boutique that you’ll be able to pick up all of these incredible pieces and more and trust me you won’t want to miss out on picking up something either for yourself or for your clients. I’m looking forward to putting several of my clients in some of these exquisite pieces and to see them on the Red Carpet or in music videos is going to be purely Breathtaking!!

eboutique coming soon-1

Aloye Adede, is truly a visionary and is bringing class, style, elegance and originality to the Fashion industry one Couture piece at a time!


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