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Hi Fashionable LaPazions, we’re at Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra’s S/S 2013 Runway show and the energy is fabulous. I like the venue and the setup going to see if I can get back stage and steal a sneak-peak before the show to see what is what for us today. I’m really excited to see the to unlikely pair of Designers collection. I mean in all honesty you guy’s if you see Costello and Tagliapietra you would think they are more lumberjack then Designers but, they are the lumberjack’s of Fashion because, they are cutting down any sort of competition or thought that they may be just following the trends. OMG!! I’m so sidetracked right now because sitting across from me is Robert Verdi, I love him and I think he is one of the influencers of my love of fashion and style from seeing him on the Red Carpet and doing on the Street makeovers.

5c1b13c9-2713-439d-a81a-08afbfde10a3_640x857 Costello Tagliapietra1I didn’t get to really go backstage long because I was so introducing myself to Robert Verdi who was very pleasant. The Fashionable Lumberjacks where backstage putting finale touches on the clothing and doing some interviews but, its show time and the first look is about to start!! Okay, I love the fabric choices the color pallet is very nice and rich the corn-silk yellows and burnt oranges are very nice, loving the V front’s of the dress and the dusters are to beautiful again they have knocked this out the box! They captured a feeling of romance, elegance and sophistication with whimsy. Excellent job Gentlemen, really such and excellent job with this collection I have to let you all see what we are looking at:Cos TagSS1 2f6828a4-a18c-4d4a-8d0d-ef0b23b4cd7e_640x960 9c1c123b-7c44-47ce-b65e-f1e04e487d47_640x960 38b29d65-0456-4539-b5e5-4f9a10a4d0da_640x960 59f5dd00-ffdd-4be3-871b-4fa58d6cefbd_640x960 96b8415b-7ec7-4e88-b5bc-9808b43a4e53_640x960 37976de8-a1a4-46eb-aa32-d262d1d5da2c_640x960 42760f5c-a546-4b44-bea8-319b70dde75d_640x960 aa698c15-8437-4fd1-bac2-be9db4956309_640x960 This collection just spoke to me and is so ready-to-wear; I could picture this collection on several different background of the ladies that would wear this collection. It has some of the glam that if you was invited to a party for the office or black tie event you could pull from this collection for your clients. I feel the collection was very cohesive and blended well with each section of change they have done it again the Dynamic Duo has just blown everyone away!

1e2644eb-4cf0-40e1-ac2b-46d4ecaaabef_640x960 7e3f7af4-4b37-4fed-9fd2-7f9729465819_640x960  When the final walk happened I got to really do a final look and the details are just beautiful from the pleating and the little tucks in the fabric and the floral and the raw silks are really just lovely I give this collection 8.5 stars out of 10! I hope you all enjoyed as much as did and we hope you’ll stick around to see what else we are going to be offering all of our Fashionable LaPazions!

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