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The Streets of Brooklyn are Rocking Fashion Day-2!


Fashion Week 025

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Editor: Meah

Fashion Reporter: S. Cilia

Photographer: B. Goldson of Marc Brian Photography


Hey Fabulous Ones, we’re back for another day at the BK Fashion Week(end) and the weather is rather chilly so I’m loving the fact that I’m getting to wear my cute little fur from Rachael Zoe’s collection which is paired with a hot pair of leggings and this to sweet for words top from Charlotte Ronson. Just to let you all know today for us is going to be short because even though there will be a full-showing we’re going to catch only two of this evenings Designers and the first collection that we’re going to bring you is Ann Mitchell Designs which you can visit her website at I have to tell you, I’ve heard some really great things about this particular Designer so, I’m a little excited to see what she is going to offer us. The show is about to start and again I have to tell you the lighting still isn’t that great and the music is still not so much what you would get at most runway shows but, the first look is out on the Runway and I have to say I’m liking this look and that the collection is more of a great evening wear.

The hemlines are very short and the asymmetrical hemline is big with this particular Designer and she loves the use of lace and we much like a futuristic use of beading on the garments. I thought some of the fabric choices could have been better but, all and all I love the direction and feeling of the collection I have to let you all see what we’re seeing thus far:

IMG_9669 IMG_9588 IMG_9593 IMG_9648 IMG_9658 

Like I said this collection is more of an evening/cocktail wear collection and the little details are very nice touches with this Designer as well. I did think that she could have changed up a little for us and gave us a little more diversity and color change it was black on black and just some parts of the collection felt a little juvenile like a young Designer still getting their legs up under them and making solid directional choices but, I love how Designer Ann Mitchell presented her version of the little tulip or bubble dress, very smart with the lace and symmetrical choices really thought this was smart:

IMG_9733 IMG_9624 IMG_9711 

Oh wow, she did give us a change in direction okay the sequins gown a lot of color gave you a little retro look which is nice with the season being the celebration of retro and somewhat of a look we’ve seen before, but then we see that she is using the sheer fabrics in such and amazing and very Fashion Forward manner. I did see one dress I could see on an A-list celeb for some Red Carpet event I loved this one particular gown due to the fabulous way in which the Designer did this gown and the skirt is sheer with a cute little black panty underneath with the sheer but kind of jeweled top and the up-swept hair just perfection!!

IMG_9885 IMG_9865  I told you just brilliantly done and she knew she had a winner with this particular look from the crowds reaction to this garment and look! All and all I think Ann Mitchell’s collection is solid and very cohesive and she didn’t get lost in the ridiculous she kept it simple, clean and as stated before young; and we feel once she gets her legs under her more she is going to bring forth collections that are going to take your breath away. We have to introduce this amazing and very Fashion forward Designer to all of you, we’re excited to introduce you all to Designer Ann Mitchell of Ann Mitchell Designs!

IMG_9893Great way for us to start our day 2 and we look forward to the next Designer and what will be offered to us! Stay close to all the action we will be right back with Lakum Collection. 

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