Monday, April 9, 2012

The Streets of Brooklyn are Rocking Fashion Day-2!

Continued: 03-29-04-01-12

We’re back for our next Designer which is Lakum Collection, I’m really excited to see what this Designer is going to give us after seeing Ann Mitchell Designs collection, with such a really cohesive and Fabulous way in which she gave us the quite and very sweet versions of her collection. it was like a little treat rolled up neatly. Okay, the runway show is about to start and the first look comes onto the runway and its rather simple, black pants with this muted bronze toned top and the model is wearing a beautiful head wrap, the first few looks that are coming onto the runway are really ready-to-wear looks and I can see these looks on many woman in their day to day lives:

IMG_0104 IMG_0018 IMG_0033 IMG_0051 IMG_0067 IMG_0085Its as if I’ve already seen this already and I’m hoping right at this point that we’re going to see something else other than what is being presented right at this particular point. The next few looks that come out are still of the everyday look and even a great dress I would love to have for work because it just gives that very professional polished look and would be great for any board meeting or meeting with a client:

IMG_0139 IMG_0116 IMG_0127Basically we’re getting more of the same thing, I like the collection its just very one dimensional and it needed more to give it a feeling of being complete beside what I showed you above there was two other pieces these little evening dresses that where exactly the same just different fabric choices. I thought this was a nice everyday collection and that any modern woman could get wear out of it but, all and all she has to develop more:

IMG_0210Just to let you all know we will not be giving you a full-day 3 due to things that are beyond our control, we apologize to you all but, please feel free to visit to see full photos from the different runways.

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