Friday, April 6, 2012

The Streets of Brooklyn are Rocking Fashion Day-1!

 Fashion Week 025

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Editor: Meah

Photographer: Brian Goldson

Reporter: S. Cilia


Here we are in New York its after Fashion Week and we get a call and we’re invited to attend BK Fashion Week(end), that is going to be held at Industry City @ Bush Terminal 241 37th Street @ 3rd Avenue. The show is also going to be a Charity Benefit with a Silent Action held on Saturday, March 31st. I’m heading to the venue and have to say its very nice and they select a great place to hold such a different kind of event, I’m very excited to see what comes forth from the Designers that will be presenting their collections to us. Well, I’m here and let me say there isn’t that many here just yet and we’re only like 30min out of show-time, I hope this isn’t what is going to be the first day I mean I know its Thursday, evening but still I cannot believe those of us who are New Yorkers are now taking to staying home. Anyway its show-time and the music isn’t really what I would think is Runway ready but, hey it is what it is.. The collection is being presented by Smarter Clothing which you can visit at the first look comes out and I’m not so sure if I’m liking this but, it very much something you could wear out in your everyday, but as more of the collection comes onto the runway I’m not sure if the inspiration for this line was a gunny sack or a Burberry bag?, I mean I guess I should let you all have a look so you can tell me:

IMG_7567 IMG_7453 IMG_7465 IMG_7490 IMG_7510 IMG_7528 IMG_7549 

Its very different I know but there is something that catches your attention about it.  I’m not very clear if the unfinished hemming plus the stitching showing I mean in all honesty I don’t know if this is something that we see. Then just when I thought it is just said and done my word something Fabulous and Fierce came down the runway and just blew me away. I loved the details and the patterns but, I don’t really see how this is a very cohesive collection in all due to how unfinished manner it was presented but, I don’t know that my likes and dislikes it was a great finishing:

IMG_7877 IMG_7626 IMG_7656 IMG_7720 IMG_7759 IMG_7840

I think this collection is great for the lady that has a very diverse lifestyle and is on the go, she has the business, looking just to have a little fun after five and to celebrate that she is all woman and having a great family is nothing but amazing and doing yet with style and taste! With this being stated I’d like to introduce you to the Designers of the Smarter Clothing Collection:

IMG_7887Well this was a good start and now let see what else is going to be offered with the next Designer Maxwell Williams HS, I’ll see you all very soon!

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