Friday, April 6, 2012

The Streets of Brooklyn are Rocking Fashion Day-1Continued!

Continued 03-29-04-01-12

We’re back and the next Designers collection is coming out on the Runway and let me just say there is no real brake in-between the shows so the way we have decided, to set this up is to do just a continued posting for each day, depending on if it is like what we’re experiencing currently. The next Designer up is Maxwell Williams HS, I don’t really know what the HS stands for but, lets hope its not Horrid Show. LOL!!

Seriously lets get back into the article and our coverage, the first look hits the Runway and oh, I guess its going to be a Masquerade Ball and this Diva is wearing a dress that we hope that the boobs stay in place and that Ms. Thing doesn’t fall on the runway. This collection seems a little young and that the maturity level of the collection isn’t really there yet, I’m seeing a lot of little fractures such as the fit and look of the collection is somewhat of a mistake you’d see in maybe a Designer that is showing for the first time. I like the possible direction and feeling of the collection but, I think I need you all to give your opinion to us and let us know what you feel about this Designer Maxwell Williams HS:

IMG_7913 IMG_7929 IMG_7950 IMG_7979 IMG_7997 IMG_8083 IMG_8099 IMG_8140 IMG_8211  Like I told you it was very different and I seem to use that word often during this runway show but, when your felling that you just left the Prom and a Masquerade Ball wrapped up all in one neat bow. Look if you hold on we’re about to be treated to another Designer during BK Fashion Week(end).

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