Friday, April 6, 2012

The Streets of Brooklyn are Rocking Fashion Day-1Continued!


Its the 3rd show of BK Fashion Week(end) and I am still so blown away that its still so empty and how the lighting isn’t really happening plus, the music not so much my flavor to see models walk and these models just aren’t bringing the fever that they should bring. They seem like they are just lacking the Ownership needed to bring the right attitude to the runway and the Designers collection. Anyway, lets see what is going to be coming on the runway with Designer Laura Daza.

The first look comes out onto the runway and OMG! Pull the plug and stop the presses, what is this going to be because the first looks like some sort of homeless person of sorts, I have to let you see this before we go on:

IMG_8314  Look at this, the makeup, hair she looks so not ready to be on Runway but, I have to tell you this isn’t a collection for those of you that are looking to have more of a polished and professional look, I assure you this isn’t what you’re looking for in anyway what so ever. Dresses that look like gunnies sacks with some sort of rope holding it all together this collection isn’t one your going to see in Macy’s, Sacks nor H&M but, I say this to say “Fashion speaks to all in different ways, and what I may not care for or dislike you may feel it is really Fabulous, chic and Fashion Forward.” With this being stated I would like to present you with Laura Daza’s collection:

IMG_8554 IMG_8366 IMG_8386 IMG_8434 IMG_8435 IMG_8460 IMG_8503 IMG_8520 IMG_8544

I know that most collections end with something grand but this is what we where presented with before the Designer of the collection was introduced and we would like to give you Laura Daza:

IMG_8564Don’t go anywhere because we have one more show to go and its McColl and Clan, we cannot wait to see what will be offered to all of us for the closing of Day 1 of the BK Fashion Week(end)

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