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The “Shorts” Have It:


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Hey LaPazions, its that time of year when the shorts are coming out and if you don’t have shorts this is something you need to consider adding to your spring/summer wardrobe. I guess, some of you may feel that you cannot wear shorts because they don’t look good on you, well I’m going to go over what types of shorts you should wear for your particular body-type/shape.

There are four (4) types of body-types/shapes that you will definitely fall into:

1. Hourglass: This particular body shape is the most sought after shape by most women- Hips and bust measurements are almost the same and the bust may be 1 inch larger than the hip measurements.

2. Pear: This particular body shape has a wide difference between the hips and bust-These shapes tend to have minimal differences between their waist and chest measurements.

3. Ruler/Rectangular: This particular body shape there is no real definition between waist, chest or hips a very straight line without any curves.

4. Apple: This body shape has a larger waistline compared to their hips and chest measurements. May also have more of a prominent tummy area.

Now that you know the four (4) different body shapes/types lets get into what types of shorts are best for your particular figure:

Ruler/Rectangular body shape: You should opt for a style with fun details like prints or pleats to give some shape to an otherwise straight figure. Think about adding pops of color, embellishments on your blouses or tops for an even dimension – A few people come to mind when I think of this particular body shape/type would be Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Zoe Saldana and Gwyneth Paltrow. You’ll see how these fabulous ladies have selected to wear shorts which will give you a great idea:Anne Hathaway-Ruler ShapeCameron Diaz-Ruler ShapeGwyneth Paltrow-Ruler ShapeZoe Saldana - Ruler shapeApple Shape: The apple figure should go for a pair of shorts with a wide waistband to define your middle- You'll look great in a shorter length that will show off your fabulous legs such as Khloe Kardashian: Khole Kardashian-Apple ShapePear shape: Avoid pockets that emphasize your hips. Try dark fabrics in a straight leg style and choose a bright, patterned top or blouse to draw the eyes upward and detract from your heavier hips, thighs and bottom. Like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Kim K:Beyonce - Pear shapedKim K Rihanna-Pear ShapedHourglass shape: You should wear shorts that have a contoured waistband and high-rise style that will help in eliminating the gaping at the midsection. Try to avoid pairs that are cut straight up and down; it will not do your figure any flattering favors. Celebs that have this dreamed of body shape Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hyack, Tyra Banks and Scarlett Johansson: marilyn-monroeSalma HyakScarlett JohanssonNow, for you Petite ladies don’t worry I didn’t forget about you all. You have a very tiny frame and you should avoid knee length shorts; this will cut you off and make you look short and squatty-Try going with shorter bottoms, mid-thigh to lengthen and elongate your legs i.e. Jada Pinket-Smith, Eva Longoria, Kate Bosworth and Selena Gomez: Eva Longoria-PetiteJada Pinket Smith-PetiteKate Bosworth-PetiteSelena Gomez-PetiteAdded Bonus: If you have a heavier thigh you should look into getting more of a walking short or Bermuda short that will hide that thigh section and will give you more definition in your leg:bermudashortsplusbermudasThis is the fabulous shorts coverage, and I hope that this will help and inspire you to go out and add shorts to your wardrobe; have a great time rocking your style!

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