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Swimsuits for Every “Body”

Body types

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Fabulous LaPazions, we’re taking on another subject which is swimwear. We know how hard it can be to find a bathing suit that looks amazing for your particular shape/body-type. Like I discussed in the article prior to this there are four (4) specific body-types but; just incase you don’t remember I’m going to give them to you again:

1. Hourglass

2. Pear

3. Apple

4. Rectangle/Ruler

Hourglass: This particular figure is characterized by your bust being equal or very close in measurement to your hips. Women with hourglass figures also have small, very defined waistlines. Celebrities that have this body-type are: Selma Hayek, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson.

Bathing Suit tip: When you have even proportions and curves, you can get away with a variety of different bathing suit looks. Ladies, in general this is a flattering figure that can wear several different cuts and styles and look Fabulous! Typically, the bikini was made to show off this curvy sex shape/figure-Look for halter tops, string bikinis with enough coverage for a larger bust, and anything that will give your extra support up top:Hourglass shape2Hourglass shape3Hourglass shape4Another thing you need to know as an hourglass figure Do NOT do the mix-and-match thing! Wearing different colors on the top and bottom could make your body look disproportionate-stick to matching tops and bottoms.

Pear: Women that are pear shaped tend to carry weight on the lower half of their body, normally around the hips and thighs. Pear shaped ladies usually have a hip measurement that is larger than their bust measurement and a small to average sized waistline. Celebrities that are pear shaped are: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Shakira, Rihanna and Eva Mendes and let’s not leave out Jennifer Lopez.

Bathing Suit Tips: Ladies if you’re a little self-conscious about showing too much of your bottom, try a bikini with boy shorts for a little extra coverage. Being pear shaped means, you also have a flat tummy, so don’t be afraid to show your amazing abs!! Use color and patterns to balance your body out visually. Ladies, be very mindful of the busier patterns because; they can and will draw attention to the area meaning your heavier bottom and thighs but, if you wear darker, solid colors will minimize attention. Think patterns on top and solids on bottom doing more of your color blocking for this particular body type/shape will give you more proportions:Pear shape1Pear shape2Pear shape3Pear shape4Why I selected these particular bathing suits is to show you how pattern can be worn to bring the illusion of a smaller waistline and the pattern isn’t too overwhelming that will draw attention to your bottom.

Apple: Women with this particular body type tend to carry most of their weight in the middle. It can be a little challenging finding the right suit for this particular shape; but ladies have no fears I have you covered!

Bathing Suit Tips: You should avoid swimsuits that have halter tops-Why? They will accentuate and bring attention to your midsection. Because the Apple shaped woman has a shorter torso with wide shoulders and a smaller bottom; you want to wear suits that will compliment your figure. Like the Tankini its not just a one-piece suite it has a little break and you can do color blocking. Look for suits that are higher cut on the leg to elongate, wear prints on top and bottom will give the illusion of being more shapely:Apple1Apple2Apple3Rectangular/Ruler: This particular body type/shape is characterized by strong, broad shoulders, proportional hips and the lack of a highly defined waistline. Celebrities with this body type/shape: Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Kelly Ripa.

Bathing suit tips: The main thing here is you want to add curves to a very boxy frame. To do this I tell my clients to look for suits with ruffles, ties and girly bow details; which creates volume and draws attention to your hips and bust. You want to create the illusion of a waistline look at one-piece bathing suits that have a belting detail or vertical details to draw definition into the waistline area and give the silhouette of more curves. Girly details as I stated are your friend think floral, crochet or even lingerie-inspired bathing suits to visually balance out your more boyish frame:Rectangular1Rectangular2Rectangular3Rectangular4I hope this will help you on your quest of purchasing a few fabulous swimsuits for this season and if you have other questions please do not hesitate to send them in to us at: or book your styling consultation at

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