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This is Summer “Hair” To You:

Bridal Chignon

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Photographs by: D. Millen

Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant

LaPazions hair is just as important as your wardrobe and; we want to make sure that you have the Hottest trends for this spring/summer-13. Now prior to getting into the hair I want to discuss facial analysis/structure so, this way you can tell exactly what your facial profile is and which hair style would be best for your particular face. There is basically five (5) facial shapes and you will fall in one or possibly be a mix-First things first, to analyze your face shape, pull your hair back from your forehead, so you can get an overall picture and examine your bone structure carefully in a well lite mirror.

Look at your cheekbones, the shape of your jawline and forehead, and the fullness of your cheeks. Pick out your key features and then compare your analysis with the shapes that I’m going to breakdown for you here:

1. Square: This shape is easily identified by its solid bone structure and square jawline. The forehead is wide and angled, while the cheekbones tend to be flat and unnoticeable (cheeks often look plump).

2. Heart: This face is marked by being broad at the top and narrow at the bottom. It can appear long, too, and the chin pointed and prominent. Cheekbones may be high, but often do not show because of the width of the face.

3. Round: The forehead, cheeks, and chin practically form a circle, which can make features look flat and uninteresting. The cheeks are often plump and full, obscuring the cheekbones.

4. Long: This particular shape can have either a long forehead or a long chin; features may look drawn and rather raw-boned, creating a tired effect (many times you’ll have individuals asking you are you tired or feeling well). Cheekbones lack lift because of the length of the face.

5. Oval: This is the coveted and dreamed of facial structure: The oval face shape has high, sculpted cheekbones with a softly curved jawline that finishes in a delicate chin. The length of the forehead balances the lower part of the face and features look even and neat.

Now that you understand and know what the five (5) facial structures are you can now decide which of the hot summer hair-styles would look best on your particular face shape. The first hair trend and style is:

Center Part: Round or Square shape should opt for a center part. Why? It will frame your face perfectly and will even it out by making it appear as though your face is slightly longer. Center parts also help define cheekbones and elongate features.Center-Parting-Hairstyles-2013Side Part: Long or Oval shape should opt for a side part. Why? By donning an off-center part, you will create the illusion that your face is a tad wider than it actually is. To get the best part for your face, part your hair in line with the arch of the eyebrow on your "best side." If you cannot figure out which side is your "best side," look at yourself straight on in the mirror–if your nose goes slightly to one side (most of our noses do), then part your hair on the opposite side. h3Slight off Center part: A slightly off-center part is best for those of you with prominent foreheads or chins. By parting your hair just off from the centerline, you will create balance in your features. Again, if you're unsure which side to set your part on, refer to my nose trick (mentioned above for long and oval faces).h2Other very hot hair trends for this summer are the knotted bun, very low bun, messy hair and deep side swept bangs. Whichever style you select to rock make sure you take our guide into consideration for your particular facial structure/type so you’ll compliment your particular features.

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