Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dior Cruises into Nail Polish:

all 3 colors

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Photographs by: Sonya LaRae

Article by: Erin Cortes

LaPazions Dior has come out with some fabulous colors for this seasons collection Dior Cruise 2013, which is vibrant and gives you that sweet burst of color to your finger nails. When I was on a business trip overseas last year; I saw and advertisement for the new collection and have been waiting with bated breath to just try these yummy colors out. Why would I call them yummy is they have names like Mango, Lime and not so yummy Pasteque. I’m going to introduce each color to you and then give you a little breakdown on the kind of lady well; actually, what that color says about the lady that wears it.Here is your fabulous boarding pass, so make sure you bring all the necessary things for this trip!

First up is Mango-this is a fruity bright sweet coral that pops and gives just that burst that will add that little something to your finger tips.

What this color says about the wearer: Mango/yellow nail polish wearing girls mean: You’re carefree, you have staying power, highly versatile, loves being visible, can be playful and sometimes exotic:8309295917_bf48840b18_z8310344870_02201b595e_zPasteque-Sensual pink with an aquatic sheen bold fuchsia. Really pure color and looks great on most skin tones

What this color says about the wearer: Lady like, sweet,  mature, sexy, extravert, likes to be seen but doesn’t have to be heard, alluring and flirty:8310360672_dca9efc235_z8310359682_ff824826af_zLime-A juicy bright acid green that is dynamic and can be combined with several colors to give a fabulous touch to the color blocking.

What this color says about the wearer: You’re dynamic,  money, strength, energy, magnetic, willing to take risk, live life to the full and calming:8309308831_d7da656047_z8310351216_055ce7b500_z I really love these colors and I have to say I’m so on the cruise with Dior and hope to stay on this liner as long as they keep producing products this smooth!

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