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Hello Fabulous LaPazions; I’ve been listening to all of you and reading your emails and, I’m here to help you and answer those burning question-

Email: “Even though I’m plus-size, I still want to look professional and feel sexy for work. Can you please help me?” 

Signed Curvy and Confused

Email: “I’m a fabulous professional and plus size and I find it hard to find clothing for work that doesn’t feel like I’m going to the library. Can you please help me with a few tips, I’d so appreciate it.”

signed M. Coleman

I have to tell you so many ladies are going through the exact same thing and have been expressing their feelings; and we here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward have been paying attention. I find, that more ladies as we go on in our lives are starting to embrace their curves and want to celebrate and look fabulous each and every day (side note: We have a fabulous interview with a stunning plus size Designer coming soon and you’re going to love her wearable affordable collection-made right here in the U.S.A.)

Many times as ladies we feel as professionals we have to dumb our style, femininity and our sexuality down to be considered or taken seriously as the pros that we truly are. Well ladies I’m here to tell you that your style can still be fem, flirty and beautiful and you can still take charge in that boardroom! First and foremost take a pantsuit, it already has somewhat of a masculine feeling to it so you’ll want to soften it up some by adding a more tapered blouse or a shapely button down:Secretary stylesBy simply adding a more shapely silhouette you’ve changed that masculine pantsuit into a signature statement that exudes confidence and give you that fem touch that you’ve wanted.   

You should also look for dresses that can offer a little more structure and flatter your figure like the new dresses that have the in laid panels to give the hourglass shape such as our photo above and many of these dress:plus fashion10tumblr_mghajr06EA1qj74sio1_500Ladies another timeless piece to have in your wardrobes is a fabulous tailored skirt- You can pair this with so many different looks and still look professional and if you have a dinner date after work; just merely remove your jacket add chunky jewelry and a pop of color on your lips and you’re off and running for a fabulous evening of dinner/dancing and drinks:Plus fashplus fashion15Being full-figured or plus size doesn’t mean you cannot look and feel fabulous. It does mean that you have to just take your time learn your particular body type/shape and what looks and feels best for you and your career. I mean in all honesty dresses are cut more flattering now a days and more and more Designers are realizing that women have a little more curves here in the U.S. and are starting to tap into this amazing and ever so gorgeous market! Don’t be afraid to wear a dress as I stated they’re making them more figure flattering and these are a few of my favs:plus Fash2plus fashion1plus fashion3plus fashion11plus fashion12Now last but surely not least is the casual Friday-Notice I stated casual Friday not sloppy/frumpy/what happened to her Friday! Ladies you can still look professional and be relaxed on this day and enjoy your Friday just like everyone else but, don’t sacrifice your style in the name of comfort:plus fashion4plus fashion5plus fashion7plus fashion9No matter what your career is, remember that your wardrobe is a reflection of you as well as your companies brand and you always want to make the best statement you possibly can and on any kind of budget. I hope that you’ll find a little inspiration in this article and that I’ve answered another one of your burning questions. Please feel free to send all your style questions to us at: and we would love for you to join our VIP LaPazions on Facebook located at:

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