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The Lines Are Drawn Clearly:

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Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant

Hello Fabulous LaPazions, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me to clarify the differences or are there differences between and Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist. There are some differences between the three and one is education and expanded knowledge. Let’s get this article rolling with a little break-down between the three:

Image Consultant: This term was generated more so with “Corporate America” because, once they saw the need for their employees to have a defined look, set-standards and they need a one-stop image location aka “One-Stop-Shop” meaning hair, makeup, clothing, appearance and etiquette) Ta-dah Sonya LaRae(ME) they hired  me via HR-Human Resources department. The term “Image Consultant” is still very technical and misunderstood by many but; we’re invaluable with the work that we do with larger companies, higher profile clients and executives. Our work includes but are not limited to presentations, seminars, classes and educational presentations. The other aspect of my job is working on photo shoots, fashion shows, magazine spreads and much more! My education is power so, with this being stated; I truly enjoy the quality, education and training aspect of being an “Image Consultant”. As I previously stated before and will sound like a broken record is this: My knowledge is limitless and I love teaching clients regarding their particular body-type/shape, color-analysis, facial-analysis, makeup and wardrobe styling. Some feel that I shouldn’t say Image Consultant but, rather use the terms Personal Stylist or Fashion Stylist but; personally it feels like I’m dumbing myself and my knowledge down.

See many time I find that there are people out here that don’t have the knowledge or the education and are taking our industry through changes and making it harder for clients to really know and find what services they really need.

Personal Shopper: Many department stores offer a personal shopping service. Now look this is the one that get’s me the most: Personal shoppers are merely associates/sales clerks that work for the store and will also have the stores best interest in mind when it comes to making your purchases; and I say this because they necessarily aren’t trained and don’t have full-knowledge regarding body-type/shape, color-analysis or any of the most important things for the client to look fabulous. Now, with a personal shopper it can be hard because their inventory is limited and cannot offer you beyond what the store has in stock and there isn’t much exclusivity due to the number of looks that each store gets into their personal inventory. Another drawback is that they are commission-based, so their interest is more about selling you clothing and not understanding and knowing your particular style and your personal styling needs so; with this being stated you need to know how and what you’re dealing with once you hire or take on one of the Personal Shoppers at your fave store.

Fashion Stylist: Typically Fashion Stylist work primarily for photo shoots, fashion shows and magazine spreads. This is the most artistic/creative side of the business. A Personal Stylist is a person who really pushes boundaries and shows their creativity but, not necessarily do they want nor like to create everyday looks. Fashion Stylist are very use to working with Models so; they tend to work with pins, clips and photo-shop to make looks just so for brands so; when it comes to working with actual clients they tend to have a harder time getting the right fit and look for real body-types as the everyday woman.

For me being a Image Consultant, is very important and I love being detail oriented, style savvy and educated on body, facial, color and trends. I hope I’ve answered your burning questions regarding the differences between Image Consultants, Personal Shoppers and Fashion Stylist.

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