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Help My Muffin Top has Runneth Over:

Muffin Tops

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Good Day Fabulous LaPazions! I love when we get your emails asking us about certain body issues, and asking us to do articles that may help you. Recently we’ve received several emails from our LaPazions’ asking us how they can hide their “Muffin Tops” and no we do not mean this type of muffin:BetterHere are a few emails that we received from our readers and followers of Lapazimageing Fashion Forward:

K. Duncan, Arizona: Hey Lapazimageing: It seems like nothing I do can get rid of my muffin top. I exercise, drink water, diet and still my muffin top stays with me. Prior to getting pregnant with my twins, I had a washboard stomach and now it just seems like this is a faded memory can you please help me camouflage it?

N. Whitten, California: Hello, I read and follow you all the time and I was hoping that maybe you could do a post regarding covering up or hiding your muffin top. I know for me and many others this is a major issue and we need your help. Thank you!!


We hear you all loud and clear and I’m very happy to help you with this issue. First and foremost a good diet and exercise can help in bringing this issue in control better; and you may still have a little muffin top issue even with the exercise and diet because of how your particular body-type maybe.

I cannot begin to tell you, that oversized and flowy tops aren’t the only solution or way to hide a little spillage of “Muffin top”. The trick is you want to create the illusion of a smooth line-Ladies first and foremost Please, PLease, PLEASE; get ride of those low-rise jeans (they’re your enemy)! Why? Only thing they’re doing for you is emphasizing your little bulge and drawing attention to the unspeakable area; plus they offer no support, cut you in the wrong area and keep you self-conscious of your flaw. Guy’s and Girl’s you’re going to have to try on a few pair to see what is the best fit and look for your particular body-type but, remember the jeans should have a little stretch or give to pull over easily and they will give you a smoother shape and offer you the support you need for the dreaded muffin top (P.S. I’m not talking about going to buy a pair of mom jeans either):high rise jeans Here is a little something I love to introduce to my clients “Jackets”. They are your best friend but, I mean step it up when it comes to your jackets. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little pop-of-color, some structure and a fabulous motorcycle jacket can do just that. How so? Motorcycle jackets are very in trend and the silhouette is beautiful for someone trying to just cover a little bulge cause it lands at the natural waistline, they aren’t overwhelming and bulky and plus it’ll give you just a little edge to your everyday look:Motorcycle Jacket Let me start off by saying I’ve NEVER met a wrap dress I didn’t like no Love! This type of dress is the Houdini of Houdini dresses-It gives that little midsection the illusion (ergo the Houdini remark) of being slimmer. If you find a fabulous wrap dress that has animal print or a great vertical pattern buy it in every color cause you’ll look stunning and everyone will want to know what diet you’ve been on or what have you been doing to get so slim (Put that fab jacket with the dress to add another element or change it up some):Cross Russ dress and jacketThe hot weather is right up on us if we can get past this spring/winter mix we’ve been having. You’ll be hitting the beach maybe going to a few pool parties and I don’t want to see you covered up from head-to-toe!! I mean it! Try on a Fabulous asymmetrical neckline- ruched one-piece bathing suit. Your showing beautiful shoulder, which gives a little sex appeal and draws eyes upward. This balances out your body and then the ruching will conceal that tummy area (can you say HOT!):Spanx Swim SuitThis particular swimsuit is by: Spanx, Whittle Waistline One-Shoulder One Piece for $188.00 which is so worth it to look and feel amazing.

Now can you say Peplum, peplum, Peplum? This Gorgeous fashion trend is perfect and give such and amazing silhouette and it covers the little muffin top- You’ll forget you ever had an issue once you see yourself in this particular styled dress:Peplum dress The most amazing trick you need to learn is, to trick the eyes- Meaning grab a great A-line blouse, shell or tank with color blocking; it will give the perfect balance and glides right over that little mid-section. With this type of top it looks great paired with a sexy pencil skirt or a cute pair of straight legged pants and you’re off and running:Color block topsAnother little tip: Look at the color blocking the darker color is more prominent and the white is just enough to keep the eyes up. I hope this has helped you all and keep your questions coming by simply emailing them to us at:

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