Thursday, May 16, 2013

JLo Looks Hotter Now then Before:

JLo Waiting for Tonight

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Hey LaPazions, you know when I look at Jennifer Lopez (AKA) JLo she looks great. I mean its as if this beautiful actress/singer/producer/mother/dancer has found the fountain of youth. Jennifer makes looking 40ish like 20’s still, honestly I didn’t really know she was 40 until I saw a interview with Jennifer and Katie Couric. We looked at Jennifer’s new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and she looks stunning and is holding onto her sexy without any problems. Jennifer, chalks up her looking so young to good genes, eating right, exercise, being happy in life as a mother and dating her younger background dancer boyfriend Casper Smart (not in those words mind you).  In the photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar she looks like a Goddess and Jen just knows how to showcase her assets:jennifer-lopez-covers-harpers-bazaar-february-2013-02jennifer-lopez-harpers-bazaarjennifer-lopez-harpers-bazaar-jennifer-lopez-harpers-bazaar-2013When looking at the photos of Jennifer you just take in how great she really looks. Her body, face, hair and makeup are just gorgeous and she seems to be on top of her life and career. We wanted to give you a look at Jennifer from the past to present. How many of you remember Jennifer when she played the amazing Tejano singer Selena? When she wore that drop dead iconic dress to the Grammy’s with Sean Combs (AKA) P. Diddy? Her look with second husband Cris Judd? Relationship with Ben Affleck down to Marc Anthony? Jennifer is a true style chameleon but, always comes out looking flawless

Jennifer and Chris Judd Relationship 2001-2003Jennifer and Ojani Noa Relationship 1996-98Jennifer and Marc Anthony Relationship 2004-11JLo 2000-2006Jennifer as Tejano Singer SelenaJennifer and P. Diddy Relationship 1999-01Jennifer has also graced almost all the magazine covers  running consecutively and all of her covers she looks amazing and ultra sexy. Jennifer is taking 40 to the next level and is making it look so easy to be fabulous and we love the confidence that she exudes at all times!InStyle CoverStuff CoverVogue CoverThis started me thinking what other Fabulous Celebs are 40ish looking fabulous, sexy and doing it without a hitch?

Halle Berry who is 46 and is pregnant with her second child, she is looking Amazing and better as she ages:Halle BerryJulia Roberts who is 46 looks great as if she has also found the fountain of youth. The actress/director/mom shows no signs of slowing down:Julia RobertsSandra Bullock is 48 years old adopted a beautiful baby boy from New Orleans and is still going strong in her career:Sandra BullockThese ladies are looking fabulous and making 40 look amazing and the new 20’s are being ushered in gracefully. What actress/singer/model is your inspiration?

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