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Billboards-13 Blue Carpet Review:

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Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Erin Cortez

Photographs by: A. Brandenkowski and M. Nelson

Hey LaPazions you know that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but, when the Billboard Awards hits the city there is no-way to keep it quiet. The stars came to the MGM Grand on Sunday, and they walked the fabulous blue carpet and they turned it up all the way; from performances to what they wore and we have all the details for you!

First as you know we did a feature article on Jennifer Lopez and her Harper’s Bazaar shoot and now, JLo looks like a golden goddess on the blue carpet and like fire on the stage. Her performance was stunning and she looked amazing:JenniferLopez2013BillboardMusicAwardscANc1gn2uIfx_zps50a96414Jennifer performsJLoNow with this being stated we do have to make mention of Jennifer and Casper on the blue carpet and the body-language that kind of read okay so we maybe headed to a split cause it didn’t look very connected to us:jenniferlopez2_zpsc1dc11a9Then there was Miley Cyrus who looked totally Fabulous on the blue carpet and we know that she just did the spread for V-Magazine and was named Maxima Hot 100 and with the rumors of her and her fianc├ęs engagements being over-she walked the carpet looking Gorgeous:940x583New parents to baby Sebastian; Wiz and Amber Rose looked great on the carpet and we love how Amber brought her A-game as a new mom and turned her style out; that was fitting for a first time mother making her appearance after having a baby:wizamberrose_zps6e3055a6amberrose2_zps076d5b1fStop the presses!! Who in the world is this looking really Fabulous? Its none other then Ke$ha-I didn’t recognize her at first, she really has stepped her style up by like 100% and looks amazing:940x583-7940x583-8I think Mike Tyson needs to go back and hit the gym and get his body-back in shape and maybe hire a good stylist (LaPaz Image/Event Consultants) to help him wear something that would not look too small and so tight:tmam5_zps37ce165aKelly Rowland took her look to the next level-she’s been knocking out the box for awhile now and this time around is no different. Kelly, just knows what compliments her particular body-type and she just brings it each and every time. The color looks great on her skin and we love her hair-she is doing it:kellyrowland_zps18be9ca1Big winner of the night Taylor Swift has made a 360 with her style as well. You remember that she would only rock the “all American” girl look with the full-skirts and the very innocent appearance.  Now Taylor is stepping out on the carpet as a more mature young woman and looked great in this blue mini-dress and her signature red lips (side note: How many of you are aware that this very savvy business woman is her own manager? She makes all the calls with her career and her look):940x583-1940x583-2Did you see Nicki Minaj? She has really changed her very zany and very odd style and has taken it down several notches-I was thinking about has she sold herself out to become more mainstream and to make herself look “professional.” Is she trying to win over the mothers of America who just cannot stand her and improve her image or is this just another little ploy of hers? Either way you go she looked very nice in her red gown and gave a very raw performance with mentor and boss Lil Wayne:nickiminaj_zps955e80a6nickiminaj3_zps6e879cb5Chris Brown walked the blue carpet in a sweater and jeans and then he gave a great performance of Fine China which; he was a little horse but, he always delivers when it comes to her performances he’s always doing new and innovative moves and showing off his talents. One thing we was looking for was possibly he and on-again-and off-again girlfriend Rihanna might make and appearance during the billboard awards:ChrisBrown2013BillboardMusicAwardsArrivalsG_qTW-ksU2-x_zps485f5144Chris Brown performsHold the phone-we got to see Miguel prior to his performance and taking out one of the fans in the pit. We couldn’t believe that he landed on this young woman and they whisked her away without saying a thing. Miguel walked the blue carpet with his girlfriend and they looked great together but, she didn’t seem impressed with his antics:

tmam10_zpsab294523I loved seeing Christina Aguilera and Pitbull’s performance and how good she looked. Christina dropped a few lbs. and she rocked the stage and gave the audience all that they wanted:Pitbul and AgulierI was very excited to see Prince perform and just to have him grace any kind of award show is magical. Now let’s talk about his look-We know that his Royal Badness is always switching it up but, this time around the 70’s inspired look isn’t something he should have pulled back out. We love you Prince and we think you’re a musical genius but, this is such a no go:Prince performs We have so much more from the Billboard awards and if you’d like to see more of our coverage sign on and follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lapazimageing

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