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2015 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet Review

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Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Nile Harper

Article by:  Marisol DeGaines-Certified Image Consultant, Fashion/Style Journalist

Photographs Provided by: Tony Giles Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

Hello LaPazions, many of you watched Sunday nights Teen Choice Awards and we had some highs and lows via the show and the red carpet.  We’re going to break down our top picks that we felt were A+worthy to those that only came up to a bad C, D or F. 

With that being stated let’s jump right into our very first look- It’s Lea Michelle from Glee, She wore a Monique Lhuillier dress that was too cute and just fit her figure and body-type perfectly:Lea Michele in Monique LhuillierWe gave Lea Michele’s look a B+ because, we didn’t care for the styling of her hair and we know that she tried to be “teen” appropriate but, her makeup wasn’t that great either.

It really seems as if-we're sitting heavily on the fence with the absolutely fabulous actress/singer Zendaya who wore Ashi Studio:Zenday in Ashi StudioZendaya’s look just brought in a lot of opinions in our office.. We loved the skirt and felt that it complimented her think frame beautifully but, then the blouse, hair and makeup just lost the translation for us and we ended up agree this look only gets a B.

Wait pause for a moment I’m confused is it hot as hell out here and Willow Shields is rocking like the hottest winter outfit of the night? I’m sorry but, this is wrong on so many levels that I almost cannot put words to this look:Williow Shields in MamiI’m sorry this young starlet looks like she borrowed wardrobe mishap from her mothers closet didn’t have time to shop and ran into a “Thrift Store” and decided okay this will do.  We’re not trying to be mean but, this look will haunt this poor girl for the rest of her professional career.  Sorry to say we definitely gave this look a F (Side note: look at Willows face and pose she was owning this).

Now this next look its something so cute and almost innocent about this next actress that, even her look just gets a pass because it embodies youth and everything fun and uninhibited. It’s none other than Rowan Blanchard of Girl Meets World:Rowan Blanchard in Giamba and VansWe all loved this look Rowan went with like a high low and made it work. The dress is Giamba by Giambattista Vali and then she rocked it with a pair of Vans.. Seriously, what says “Teen Choice” then this look.. Rowan is wearing age appropriate clothing and just looks perfect- We gave her A+

What happened did someone say she was going to a business conference or a PTA meeting. Rita Ora, who has slain the red carpets lately just really missed the mark:Rita Ora in Max MaraRita, we totally get that you wanted to take it down a bit because it is Teen Choice but, you took it too far down.  Seriously, who thought this would be a good look? Take some notes from Rihanna when rocking a suit make sure its hot.. We gave this a true F because, this dumb her down just a tad too much.

I’m a fan of this next actress she comes on the hit show Blackish Yara Shahidi. She really rocked such a great look and again age appropriate:Yara Shahidi in Rubin SingerYara is wearing a Rubin Singer dress and her fishtail high ponytail is too cute. This young actress knocked this look out the park and with that being stated we gave her A+

We cannot wait to hear who you thought should have been on our list and what grading you would have given.

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