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Red Carpet Review 2015 Brit Awards


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Nile Harper

Article by: Marisol DeGaines Sr. Style/Fashion Reporter, Certified Image Consultant

Photos: G. Miller Freelance

Hey LaPazions, so we’re back from the Brit Awards, which is equal to the Grammys. I have to tell you, as cold as it was here in London the stars showed up and out!! I mean I know for many of the ladies they wished they were like the fellas and could wear coats and turtleneck sweaters but, they donned some of the most fabulous gowns.

We want to start our review with Taylor Swift, who wore a gorgeous Roberto Cavallie Atelier gown- and she looked elegant and just effortless:Taylor Swift front viewTaylor Swift Rear ViewThis gown was all about the back detailing and that dragons tail going down the train of the gown, gave this such definition and and element of mystique. I thought Taylor wore this beautifully-She gets what it takes to look flawless.

Wow! Rita Ora is giving her passport and these Designers a real run for their money. I mean this starlet is just everywhere, we just saw her in LA at the Oscars, Grammys and now the Brit awards, which by the way she lost out to One Direction:Rita Ora in Zuhair MuradRita went with this stunning Zuhair Murad jumpsuit but, unfortunately this look had mixed reviews in our offices. Sonya LaRae-Editor-in-Chief; felt that this look was gorgeous but didn’t necessarily compliment Ora’s body-type. Sonya, felt that it needed a little altering to give more definition to her waistline and the legs could have been tailored more to give a little contouring. Others felt this look just was all that and some as well as, one of “The” best looks of the evening.

Wow-Kim Kardashian West just knows what flatters her body-shape and she didn’t disappoint one bit in this fabulous Crochet jumpsuit:Kim Kardashian-West in Julien MacdonaldI don’t really care what anyone else says about Kim, but one thing NO One can deny is that this girls figure is ridiculous!! She’s a new mother and has worked on getting her body-back into shape and I personally feel she looks better now then before. This risqué crochet jumpsuit is by Julien Macdonald and the detailing is breathtaking.

Little side note: Sooo, as you know the after parties are the must attend and we had the pleasure of attending the party for Madonna. Well low and behold in comes Kim K and Rita Ora in similar latex nude dresses-HMM what a huge faux pas!! Here we wanted to see who you thought wore it best:Kim K in Latex after party dressRita Ora Letex after party 

Pause, so one of the hottest models walked the red carpet and I’m sorry but, I just didn’t overly care for this look on Cara Delevingne:Cara Delevingne in Saint LaurentI know that Cara professes herself to be the tom boy of tom boys but, the hat is something I could have done away with. I mean she looked like she was trying to make the Amish style hip and hot even though this is Saint Laurent I just couldn’t feel it.

OMG! One of my favorite singers hit the carpet and I absolutely just love her music but, the look not so much:Ellie Goulding in Alberta FerrettiI don’t mean to be mean cause I absolutely love Ellie but, this gown just didn’t cut it for us here at Lapazimageing. The lace is beautiful but (major pause), it just gave us nightgown glam. We’ve seen Ellie at other events and she’s been on top of her style game, unfortunately, this just did nothing for her nor her stunning figure. We thought it looked rather matronly which; Ellie isn’t any of that.

Stop the presses-Hold the phone-Pull the plug!! I’m going to try and be nice to this next starlet cause I know she’s trying but, I’m sorry she just misses the mark each and every-time:

Charli XCX in Vivienne WestwoodCharli XCX in Vivienne Westwood sideviewI’m sorry Charli XCX went with this Vivienne Westwood gown that just did nothing for her. What is going on with the gown it seems puckered and then the fit was just all wrong. I just would love to have this young women styled were she looks as edgy and fresh as her music.

Sam Smith took to the carpet in what I’m starting to say is his uniform:Sam Smith in Casely HayfordYou know Sam is a big guy and these pants just, don’t flatter him and the look over the eyebrow pose is over rated. I know many of you love him and I happen to like a few of his songs but, something about him seems so contrived and fake. I don’t know if I buy into this shy kind of awkward approach or if its that he’s trying to recreate the Boy Gorge/Gorge Michael’s thing. I guess only time will really tell. Sam with with another Casely Hayford look and the color looks great up against his skin and blue eyes but, other than that it falls flat.

Then we have the always disheveled kind of grime grunge look from Ed Sheeran:Ed Sheeran I’m just going to leave Ed alone cause, I don’t have anything good to say regarding this look and with all the controversy flying on the airwaves-I think I’ll just say this: Ed please hire a stylist as soon as possible to give you a makeover.

We know that Janelle Monae basically wears here black and white as an homage to her mother who worked very hard as a housekeeper and it was her uniform so, Janelle basically incorporated this into her style and look:Janelle Monae in ArmaniWe love her story and the fortitude Janelle has but, even though she decided to rock this gorg Armani pant suit with a D&G blouse, we think its time for her to step her style up and show us a little diversity but; still holding true to her look and style. Janelle Monae, is a wonderful role model and she gives young girls and women someone positive, strong and passionate to look up to.

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