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Day 3-PFW Presentation by Joan Shepp

Women of Substance and Style

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Hello LaPazions, so tonight was our first night here at Philadelphia Fashion Week; where I attended Joan Sheep’s Women of Substance and Style, that was hosted in her beautiful upscale boutique that carries elegant eclectic, high-end brands and up-and-coming Designers. The event tonight was presented or hosted by Ms. Tuesday Gordon-Gaines and attended by the whose-who of Philadelphia. Tonight’s event definitely had kind of three purposes, one that raised money and awareness for “The African American Children’s Book Project.” This organization provides parents, caregivers and educators around Philadelphia with tools for encouraging children to read. Second: They were honoring 44 successful women from a diverse professional background; and lastly it seemed as if every political hopeful was there to get signatures for their ballets.

I loved having the opportunity to see what the Philadelphia scene had to offer and I think Joan Shepp’s event made for a great launch into our experience of Philadelphia Fashion Week. The event was slated to start at 5pm so, needless to say I arrived just a little after 5pm and was shocked to see basically it was myself and maybe a handful of fashionably fabulous attendees were there. I loved the ambiance of the boutique but; needless to say there wasn’t adequate seating (standing room only), No clear direction of where the honoree ceremony would be taking place, No one keeping us informed regarding timeline and the biggest thing where is the runway? All and all though I found this was more of a mix and mingle type of event and I enjoyed meeting some of the whose-who of Philadelphia.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Autumn Williams who introduced me to her stunning mother Shari Williams and her father Senator Anthony Williams. They are truly a beautiful family and have such a warmth and genuine spirit:Senator Anthony Williams and Autumn WilliamsShari Williams and Autumn Williams

Then I had the pleasure of meeting another fabulous Fashionista her name is Tiffany and I LOVED her look because, it reminded me of Charli XCX who wore Moschino at the Grammys and just didn’t bring it. Well Tiffany knocked this look out the box and did it with style ease:Tiffany Rocking ItCharli XCXOMG! I loved this next ladies look so much because she was just owning her look from the hair the jacket the outfit I thought it was very fashion forward! Here name is Donna and I have to tell you she had such and amazing ora:Donna Let me give you a little of the atmosphere of Joan Shepp’s glam boutique which is located at 1811 Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia:

Just as a bonus for you LaPazions here are a few more pictures from tonight’s event:

Well LaPazions you know I cannot wait to hear your feedback and don’t forget to stay locked because there is so much more to come from Philadelphia Fashion Week 2015!

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