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Is Change Coming to MBFW

New-York-Fashion-Week Fall-2015

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

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Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant, Style/Fashion Journalist

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LaPazions, you are about to pass out and hit the floor! I’m guessing amid all the controversy in seasons past regarding a lack of “Diversity” Mercedes-Benz as well as Designers are hearing what the masses have been saying. Do you realize this fashion week marked and made major hurtles?  I know you all are thinking what exactly can you be talking about? This season we had a beautiful actress Jamie Brewer with down syndrome or DS, take to the runway during Carrie Hammer’s AW15 show and she slayed it!!  I mean her ora was dynamic and the energy and freshness she brought to the runway was Ah-mazing!! I absolutely fell head over heels for this actress now model:Actress Jamie BrewerJamie Brewer Slaying the RunwayThen as if that wasn’t something huge, we go over to Desigual and they have Chantelle “Winnie Harlow” Brown-Young stopping the runway. Winnie Harlow (which is Chantell’s alter-ego) many of you may remember her from Tyra Banks “Next Top Models”- Needless to say this young lady is taking the fashion industry by storm and giving young women with vitiligo someone positive, confident and beautiful to look up to. Winnie Harlow is celebrating her difference, and told the BBC recently “that people are looking for people they can identify with, and that are real just as they are when they look in magazines or see fashion shows.” I for one think it is just stunning and I thought to myself this is what diversity is about:Chantelle Winnie Harlow Brown-YoungWinnie Harlow

You thought it stopped here well; you couldn’t be more wrong. Over at FTL Moda AW15 where several International Designer came together to present their collections in the theme “Made in Italy.” FTL Moda had a real shock and made major headlines because, they had models that were in wheelchairs. I mean- I think this is brilliant because, I know so many fashion forward wheelchair bound stylistas who love to look gorg and beat to death!! It was a celebration of what you can do and never to allow yourself to limit your possibilities no matter what life gives you. Plus on top of all that this was a benefit for spinal cord injuries at win-win for me. I loved that they had the first male amputee stomp the runway and he served it up:

This is how I see fashion week and I love that they are finally listening to what we the people want. This fashion week marks a new beginning and made major etchings into the soul of what is looked at as “normal.” I hope moving forward- that the powers that be in MBFW and for Designers to think and broaden their minds and creativity. I take my hat off to all the Designers that are pushing for change and for those that are willing and ready to bring forth bold statements!

I cannot wait to hear your feedback and what you thought in regards to the NEW Fashion Week.

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