Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift Fashion Designer


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Hello LaPazions, I know all of you Swifties are going to lose your mind over this news!! Taylor Swift will be launching her first clothing line (not simply a piece) but, a full-collection in Shanghai, China which will coincide with the 1989 World tour; that is set to hit the country in November.Taylor-Swift-spotted-out-and-about-in-New-York-City

Taylor has collaborated with Heritage 66 company but, in true Swift fashion it'll be sold on one of “THE” largest e-commerce companies in China, none other than JD.com – This announcement is perfectly timed because, it comes on the heels of JD.com announcing they have opened its first virtual mall in the US.  Now talk about lining up all your ducks, this is one savvy business women if I may say so myself. 

Most people don’t know that Taylor is basically her own manager and makes the last call on what songs are going on to her CD, to the treatments for her tour and much more.  Look this is the young woman who took on Apple over having artist getting paid in the trial phase and won:Taylor Swift VMA's

I for one am not actually surprised at Taylor Swift throwing her hat into the fashion ring. Why? One thing we all know is that she loves fashion and loves making statements through her clothing. This young Millennial is one to watch-she has a huge influence on pop-culture and with young people ranging from ages 12+-20 something’s. Taylor Swift is huge on social media and that is what drives sales with most brands and she has Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on lock.. Hey Swifties you can now really rock your girls look..

We cannot wait to hear your opinion and thoughts on this savvy entrepreneur.

LaPazions, Stay close to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward because; we have a major event that we’re going to be telling you about soon!!

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