Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Manolo Blahnik Accessories?

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Hey LaPazions, if you don’t know the name then you must have lived under a rock because, Manolo Blahnik is a revered about his luxury shoe Designer.. Come on any good Sexy in the City fan knows Carrie Bradshaw was Manolo addicted:Carrie Sex in the CityI have to tell you honestly, Manolo Blahnik is the guru of guru’s-when it comes to creating fabulous shoes as well as capturing the true essence of a woman:manolo-blahnik-swan-pump-twilight I guess when I heard the big announcement it just didn’t come as a major shock to me because; I’ve been one who has been waiting for Manolo to drop his accessories line but, we don’t have to wait any longer because at the end of this month, Manolo will be giving us a full-collection of stunning handbags that will compliment his stunning shoes!!

YUP!! You read this correctly LaPazions’ our fabulous Designer is giving us a full-collection of handbags!! Woohoo!! Let the celebrations begin!! You must see the collection, I cannot hold back any longer:Hot PinkKana Black ClutchNadi Jade ClutchYellow Clutch

This is simply a peek into the creative mind of such a fabulous Designer. Per Manolo Blahnik time is nothing-“I like to make things beautifully and sometimes to get something right it takes time. For the moment I would like to enjoy the bags, and I am already thinking about more bags for next season!”

Take as much time as you need Mr. Blahnik to create pure perfection:Manolo Blahnik LaPazions, what do you think of this fabulous announcement? We cannot wait to hear your feedback.

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