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Red Carpet Review BET Awards

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Article by: Erin Gomez- Fashion/Style & Entertainment Journalist

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Hello LaPazions, as many of you may be aware last night was the 25th annual BET Awards. I have to say (deliberate Pause)-this event has become somewhat of a chore to cover because; the level of confusion is beyond words and the behavior of supposed celebrities are even worse than I’d rather get into.  I guess, with this being stated- I’ll just jump into this by saying the show flat lined for me and so did the red carpet- I cannot even begin to pick a favorite look so I’m just going to leave that up to you all.

I guess with the law being past for all to be able to marry gave way to the theme of the evening “equality”  I love that because; we are all equal and trying to do away with segregation which, it will take more than a few celebs walking red carpets (in same color and style attire) pretending to be couples to bring forth such changes- i.e. our first look: Blac Chyna and Amber Rose that both donned white suites, held hands and even gave each other a mouth to mouth kiss:Blac chyna and Amber RoseIt was really nice to see that Ciara and Russell Wilson were out on the red carpet together looking rather sharp as a couple and I loved Ciara’s performance and tribute to Janet Jackson:Ciara and Russell Wilson I guess I would have to say that Ciara brought her A-game to the stage and it was appreciated by everyone that attended. She was the talk beside the gorgeous Ms. Jackson, who also had her beautiful parents in the audience and her husband backstage:Janet JacksonI have to say personally and don’t throw your stilettoes at me but; I didn’t like her outfit nor the hair.. Janet is very petite and the outfit seemed to overwhelm her very small frame and the hair didn’t allow her to move freely.. All and all this woman is just a true professional and just too Gorgeous for words..

The other trend we saw on the carpet that I can’t say I cared for overly was, the fellas wearing suits that were let’s just say too small and too short i.e. Flo Rida:Flo RidaI’m sorry he looks like he borrowed someone’s suit that was at least a foot shorter and definitely smaller then he is. I mean come on every trend isn’t for every body-type nor shape. (Fellas HELLOOOO get a clue!)

The other trend was the dejected disheveled mad at the world kind of look or the great beach bum/skaterish boy wannabe thing: Kendrick Lamar and Chris BrownKendrick LamarChris BrownPause is it just me or are you thinking the exact same thing as I am-Why is Karruche Tran on this red carpet and even at the same event as her ex (Chris Brown)? Karruche has stated: “she doesn’t want to see him as would like to avoid him at all cost” Sure say anything that sounds good and keeps you in the media.. Bye Felicia: Karrueche Tran Yet here is another celeb-I wanted to know why Zendaya Coleman was here at the BET Awards? I mean is she nominated for something- we don’t know about? Was this BET’s way of just saying we support you(via the Fashion Police) last award season? Who really knows but, I can’t say I was a fan of her outfit. Something that I personally love about this young starlet is how versatile and she’s never afraid to bring something new and different to the red carpet. For me Zendaya is what young ladies can look up to and use as a positive role model:Zenday Coleman

What is going on with Nicki Minaj? From her acceptance speeches to bringing her mother on stage and then this look on the red carpet. I just thought she looked so nicer in her outfit that she wore during her performance, than she did when she and Meek Mill took to the red carpet. I thought the gown did nothing for her body-type and he just looked underdressed to be with her (things that make you just pause):Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

I thought Kelly Rowland and Janelle Monae looked beautiful on the red carpet and just commanded the carpet with such elegance and poise when attending such events as this:

Janelle Monae is posing with her new artist Jidenna and Kelly is with Fabolous:Fabolous and Kelly RowlandJidenna and Janelle Monae

LaPazions, as I stated before this red carpet was such a boar and I cannot begin to even get into the show.. I’ll take a pass for the next BET Awards if it’s anything like this season. 

I would like to say that I thought Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross did an okay kind of job at hosting:Anthony and Tracy

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and what was your favorite part of the show or who did you feel stole the red carpet? 

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