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Stepping into Spring/Summer-13 Shoe Trends:


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LaPazions, when I was assigned this article I thought to myself the shoe gods must really love me!! I cannot begin to tell you how I was hoping to land this one so I could go to different stores and Designers to try shoes photograph them and just talk about my favorite pass-time SHOES!


I think women have had and obsession with shoes since early Egypt and it hasn’t stopped. Did you know that women’s shoes account for 60 percent of the $40 billion worth of shoes sold in the U.S. each year? Men’s and kid’s purchases aren’t even half of that-and most of the shoes women buy are totally impractical and uncomfortable (trust me I know first hand). Still we cannot live without our shoes and they look so good on our feet even if we can only keep them on for 2 hours.LOL!

This seasons shoes are just fabulous and bring in different fabrics, textures, textiles and colors and each pair is like telling its own story. First stop Vivienne Westwood, she’s offering the hot pop of color plus the fabulous fabric choices and the spool heal is comfortable and gives your foot a little more support. We loved the geo print fabric and brought great structure to this shoe:



Don’t say anything about the foot in this shoe because we cannot help how high the instep is on this model, aren’t they gorgeous? We love the hardware on the shoe the hot trend of buckles and the ankle strap add just the right sex appeal. Another hot trend for this season is the pointed toe, which is beautiful it elongates the foot and gives that little toe cleavage, I love the colors for this spring\summer and still staying with the textures:

shoe-trends-2013-printed-with-metallic-accents Ballin-collection-colored-shoes-spring-summer-2013-4-587x440 pointy-shoes-400x400

We love the tips on the points and the different details that have been added. The colors and fabric choices are bold and the wet patented leather, plus all shoes now are taking a pointer (pun intended) from Alexander McQueen with the metal works and spikes that adds such and edge to any shoe. The next trend this season is taken right out of ancient Roman and it happens to be the Gladiator styled sandal. We saw this look a lot on the runways this season and I have to tell you; this look can be a little challenging to pull off. Ladies please make sure you do your homework prior to just running out and purchasing any of these trends and make sure that they complement your particular foot and leg:

spring-2013-shoe-shopping-gladiator-sandals gladiator collage Prime example of someone who really should have thought about this; is none other than Actress Anne Hathaway for her films red carpet event she decided to don the gladiator sandal and it just didn’t work:

spring-2013-shoe-trend-strapped-boots2 Another great trend you’ll see for this season is all the different mixtures of patterns and textures and color combinations. You know no-one does it better than Loubutin:

christian_louboutin_spring_2013_shoes_8 christian-louboutin-spring-2013-peep-toe-bootie Yup, I knew you would agree with me that there is nothing this Designer can do wrong when it comes to shoes. I love the zebra, teal toe, orange snake and the pink straps with the buckles pure genius!! Then how he’s designed the wedge it’s not so boring and the small details are what make this shoe standout. My love affair with this particular Designer just keeps on getting better every season, everyday that he is creating shoes that look fabulous on a woman’s foot!

These are just a few of the shoe trends for S/S-13- We also have a few fabulous looks from Guiseppe, that are giving us the stunning white collection with the metal detailing and the strappy sexy stiletto, which is ultra chic and such a timeless piece to add to any ones collection:

guiseppe-zanotti-spring-2013-Shoes-New-Trends-8 guiseppe-zanotti-spring-2013-Shoes-New-Trends-4 guiseppe-zanotti-spring-2013-Shoes-New-Trends-7 Now we don’t want you to think we’re just bias and cater to ladies that only wear heels. Just for our ladies that cannot or will not wear a high heel don’t worry the shoe goddesses have heard your pleas and they have something just as cute for you to rock as well. From hot colors to metal works to just kicky little shoes to flit around in you’ll look just as Fabulous as our high heel girls:

Steve-Madden-Spring-Summer-2012-2013-Shoes-Collection_34 68697__spring_2013_shoe_trend_in_pakistan CDACF9BF4BD1B8B3CF364F3B67_h394_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cueYnwMBb Loafers-For-2013-2014Spring-Summer-collections10 Ladies there is much more for this season from the architectural designs, the wedged sneaker; yes you read that correctly now you can be a little taller even when your rocking your sneakers and they happen to be very comfy. No matter what your craving is for shoes this season offers a little bit of everything and the hot color trends that were covered in our previous articles trust and believe us they have you down and ready to rock your style for this S/S-13:

spring-2013-trend-structural-shoes fa02-0926-sw1-spring-2013-milan_fa Guillaume-Hinfray-Latest-Spring-Summer-Footwear-Design-2013-Collection-01 isabel-marant-chalk-brian-leather-wedge-sneakers-product-1-6396216-154119389_medium_flex rodriguez-1-lgn sev-a-under-50-a-F21-Floral-Wedge-Sneaker-lgn We really hoped you enjoyed this as much as we did and I know you cannot wait to run out and start shopping. There is nothing better than bringing home those fabulous new shoes, to introduce to your wardrobe and that add that certain something that you’ve always wanted and have been looking for. Ladies and all of our fabulous gentlemen that love seeing your ladies rock the hottest shoes go off and start your shopping you’ll thank us in the long run!


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