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Rita Ora-Don’s Elle Magazine Cover?

rita-ora-1334315192-view-0 Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Erin Cortez

Photographs provided by: Elle Magazine, Google and A. Brandenkowski




Yes LaPazions, you read this correctly-Songstress Rita Ora you know the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, the protégé of Jay-Z and singer of R.I.P-is on the cover and pages of Elle magazine. We didn’t believe it at first when we received the photos and the cover of Elle but, I guess Rita can say she has really made it! Rita is on the cover of the May 2013 issue of Elle for the Women in Music, but you know they give her much credit on being original with her urban 90’s look but, in all honesty she is just paying homage to the Madonna’s and Cindy Lauper’s and they paid homage to the Joanne Jett’s and Pat Benitar’s who really rocked this look prior to anyone else.

We loved the concept that Elle went with for the cover with more of a Latin feel but, funny thing is Ora isn’t Latin American. She was born in Pristina, Kosovo and was raised in London (funny little tid-bit right). Ora, is known for her blonde locks and the signature red lip and dark eyebrows and urban grunge but, for the cover she looks fabulous and we love how she cleans up:

Rita-Ora-Elle-1 Rita is really giving us high fashion on this cover and is able to pull it off without a hitch. The pose seems very natural and sexy without even trying then you go to the inside shots and they’re just as glamorous and fashion forward! We love how Elle caught her playful side and even gave this chic look a real edge for this edgy songstress they didn’t dumb her down in anyway what so ever and we LOVED it!!

Rita-Ora-Elle We absolutely loved the leather leggings and the peep-toe shoes and the leather fingerless gloves which gave this look a more modern feel and the fascinator was all the rage if we may say so ourselves. I loved that they put her on a latter and let the train of her gown take center stage on the next shot, Elle gave real thought to this fab photo shoot:

Rita-Ora-Elle-3 One thing I will say is for some reason I don’t know why but, she is really giving us or channeling her inner Rihanna, cause if you just took a quick glance at the photos you would think it was RiRi for a quick second. It could be just me but, even others on our staff felt the exact same way- We loved that Elle even caught her playful side with the Mickey Mouse ears it was so cute and we loved the energy:

Rita-Ora-Elle-2 Looking at Rita’s photos we can say if her music career doesn’t workout for her she can certainly turn to modeling cause she looks fabulous in each shot and is bringing that high energy, great face and attitude. We love this side of you Rita and think you can drop your stand by look and go more glam. Just incase you all aren’t really familiar with how Rita Ora normally looks here are a few shots of her:  

Rita-Ora-one-direction-conor-maynard Rita_Ora,_9_September_2012_(cropped) rita-ora-barclaycard-festival-03   As I stated she really cleans up well and we feel this R&B singer can really do much better than what she is giving.


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