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2013-S/S Jewelry Trends:


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Article By: Erin Lopez

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LaPazions, I guess you can really guess what is on our minds here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward? It’s the beautiful weather that is soon to be here and the gorgeous spring/summer fashion trends that we keep speaking of are starting to make their appearances everywhere! Yeah, and now we’re going to give you the accessories that you need to complete those fabulous spring fashion trends!

This spring/summer you need to get ready to have a nice little collection of jewelry pieces from tribal, gem stones, feathers, multi-rings, bib necklaces and much more. There is jewelry for your hair which was very hot on the runways for this season; I’m always thinking of the next hot trends when I start purchasing my pieces and what can carry over from one season to another. I find that many times if I look back on past trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I cannot go wrong because the retro feeling is something that we all seem to fall back on in this industry we just polish it up and make it feel new.

Like for instance the bib-necklaces are huge this season, but what makes them standout even more is the detailing and the different strands and colorations that are being used:


I know the details are totally stunning and the gem stones are still in line with the seasons trends. I love that the necklaces can be worn with several different outfits and you can take almost a very basic look and dress it up even that plane v-neck Tee can look fabulous with one of these necklaces.

Now don’t be afraid to bring color into your accessories because even this seasons color pallet is on track with the accessory lines.   From the neon’s, lemongrass, emerald’s, pinks the full spectrum is open to your selection:


Have you started to plot out your shopping trip did you get your notebook out and start making little notes of what are needed to take your spring/summer wardrobe to the next level? If not let me give you a little more inspiration-fabulous ear cuffs! Yup, that’s right floral ear-cuffs are a very hot trend this season and matter of fact I picked up two new ones today and cannot wait to start rocking them on a regular with my new hair cut. Ladies, this season is all about the luxury of being a real woman and knowing that you can take these looks from day to night:


Remember in the 90’s how popular the ear cuffs were and it always made you feel just a little bit more edgy when your rocked them well, now they are really beautiful and have such amazing delicate details. The next trend for the season is the very, very large and ornate earrings (side note: Ladies if you don’t have a nice neck meaning a long neck please don’t try this look-and please don’t go extreme like we saw during Fashion week) We have a slight alternative that will still give you that big drop earring but doing it with a little more taste:

TeardropEarringDianeVonFurstenbergTeardropEarringThe hammered metal is still a very hot trend as well this season and it looks great in silver or gold. Make sure you will the tones that will compliment your particular skin tone and we’re not speaking of the color of your skin; we’re speaking of the undertone of your skin. Need help figuring that out then you need to contact LaPaz Image/Event Consultants for a free consultation to learn more about this bookings: dwelsh_lapazimageing@yahoo.com

Maybe you love the tribal feel, well lets just say your going to love having the feather earrings, spikes, fabrics in multi-colors and much more. I loved the look on the runway and I think with some of those fabulous maxi dresses in my wardrobe this look will bring a little ethnicity and culture to my look:


Gorgeous!! I love the energy of this season very free and expressive. Now some of you may like this look of the snakes and being that they have blinged them out is another great reason to wear this reptile other than on your shoes, pocketbooks and belts:


Look the best thing about this season is that you can mix and match rock what you feel is going to be hot and not even give it a second thought. We have so much to select from that I could keep on telling you about these hot accessories and it would take me forever to cover all of them. I’d like to make mention of one last trend that we loved for this season is the hair jewelry which was very romantic and had a very soft sex appeal to it. If you do this look just so you’ll be the talk amongst your friends and associates:


Well, I hope this has inspired your spring/summer accessory for this season and we cannot wait to see what you all will be rocking and how you will be styling your wardrobe for this amazing year! As always we tell you to enjoy, explore and try as many looks as possible and those that work keep them and those that don’t let them go no matter how hot the trend is.

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