Friday, June 1, 2012

Are We Losing Betsey Johnson?


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This headline sent us into shock and I know it had to send all of you in shock just reading it. When we received the news that Betsey Johnson, would be closing several of her Boutiques/sites plus some. Betsey, really has been such a major staple in the industry with her eclectic styling, the pinks, bold hippy type styles with Boostiay typed tops. Betsey, is full of whimsical, kind of dream like fun as if she had a slight Peter Pan syndrome:

BJ46It seems that Betsey is a victim of the economy, as many other Designers and Fashion Houses. We know that she is going to still have a select few stores in a few Major cities that will stay open and her collaboration with Steve Madden will continue and Betsey Johnson will remain the Creative Director of the company (When I heard this little notation, I started thinking is Betsey selling the company?):

BJ3 BJ4 BJ5 BJ6  The liquidation is taking place now, so hey Fashionistas you still can get some Fabulous pieces. Make sure you visit the website because, Betsey is also giving a few discounts, plus more information regarding; which locations will be closing and which will be staying open-she plans of posting messages later on in the month to let you know where you will still be able to find your Fabulous Betsey Johnson styles:

BJ24 BJ3 BJ5 BJ8 BJ10 BJ16 BJ17 BJ19 BJ20 

Hope you all enjoyed the article and we’re so sorry to have to be the bearer of such bad news. We also wanted to let you know that in another month or so we are going to be publishing our LaPazion Chronicles that will be published on a Bi-Monthly basis. Sign up know so you can get your special edition emailed directly to you. Stay close to all the action!

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