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From Tomboy to Glamour Queen?


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You know many times we see these young Starlets that come onto the scene and they are so boyish and grungy in their style, you don’t know if you like their look or if you should give them a bar of soap. This is like this young Starlet who made her major début as “Bella in the Vampire” Diaries the every brewding and dark Kristen Stewart:

Bella  Kristen, isn’t really one that is known for being very stylish or even that girly but, in August 2011 on the Magazine cover of “W” we got to see a glimpse of someone that was hiding inside of Kristen Stewart. That someone was a sexier side of this Fabulous Starlet that has proven that she can be so “I don’t care what people think”.:

Kristen W Cover2 Kristen W Cover Look at how beautiful and sexy she looks and her eyes are just Gorgeous!! Kristen Stewart, I think is hiding her beauty because it may be a little more than she can handle or could have handled when she first hit the scene and in her journey in becoming an A-Lister. I think within this last year or so she has come into her own and doing this move “Snow White and The Huntsman” gave her the push to really try and move out of the pouty and moody look she normally rocks. 

Stewart Snow WhiteNow that she’s become more comfortable with her body, looks and curves she is doing more in the direction of modeling and doing fabulous photo shoots for one of the top Magazines, Vanity Fair. Kristen, really embraced this photo shoot of vintage Dior and having such a great time doing this shoot that celebrated the elegance and beauty of the 1800’s in Paris:

KS1 KS2 KS3Kristen is a new kind of Starlet one that is making her own rules taking her own direction and not really giving two cents about what people think of her, her style or the way that she and her boyfriend Robert Patterson live their lives. Kristen and R. Patt kept their romance covered for a long time and wouldn’t tell anyone they where a couple:

Robert Pattenson   Grungy or Glammed up Kristen Stewart is doing her and not taking NO from anyone. I think at the rate Kristens’ star is on the rise and is going to keep climbing because, she is looking to challenge herself to move out of the box of Bella and to give herself the edge. Kristen Stewart is the Young Starlet to Watch:


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