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Exclusive on BRAVO’s MissAdvised;-)

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Monday Night at 10:00pm EST Bravo presented their brand new show MissAdvised;-)Here is a real shocker I’m about to give you,  Shut Up Unplug the Phone you will not Believe who the Executive Producer is!! It’s Ashley Tisdale of Disney fame!! I know how mind blowing is this and such and OMG moment for myself. I don’t want to overlook or also mention the other Producer Ms. Jessica Rhoades (Photo of Jessica Rhoades see at bottom):

Ashley Tisdal

I have to say I’m not for reality shows but, if it wasn’t for my close business associate/friend and President/Creative Director of Vedic Image Group Najaam Lee; who publishes “Gosh About” (Which by the way we are doing Sister Articles for this show, which every Wednesday you’ll see on our blogs )! Another thing that made me stop and watch MissAdvised;-) is, I’m Certified Life Coach, and I thought this may be a good show to watch to see how some women that are supposed professionals in Love handle their own relationships and issues and what holds them back and motivates them to do or not do certain things in their particular “love” lives. I wanted to see how they handle breakups and the rejection factor and how I can apply some of these things with my own clients that come into my office and discuss these types of issues.  Okay Ladies let me just get you into the 1st Episode of MissAdvised;-) it didn’t disappoint and these 3 ladies that we’re introduced to are so unreal in their ways, that it just blows you away, so I must introduce you to them one at a time. First let me introduce you to the Host of one of the Hottest Live Radio Shows  “Sex with Emily” Ms. Emily Morse who also recently released the Hot book entitled “Hot Sex, Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight” Emily Morse:

Emily MorseEmily lives in San Francisco and as I stated she has this sex therapy live talk radio show with a co-host (Strange looking guy) that seems to be bent in just throwing her under/in front of a bus regarding her short comings in her love life or “loved” life, because she isn’t in a relationship she is somewhat jaded to the whole relationship love thing as we found out when her brother came to visit. Emily, also seems to have some issues with her weight' her brother and her co-host are the only ones who are totally honest in regards to telling Emily, that she is incredibly to thin for words. I find it odd that Emily seems to take issue, with her mother and the way in which she raised Emily; and her brother when she gives her such praise on making her this strong “independent” (which I’ll use very lightly) type of woman. Much of her issues also stems from the lack of a relationship with her birth father, so just from my point of view, we’re dealing with a woman who has daddy issues, trust and body-image issues when it comes to the opposite sex but, her brother has been married for 18 plus years has children and is very focused and balanced in life, love and sex.

Next we have Amy Laurent, who is a very successful Owner of a Matchmaking Agency. Amy resides in the Big City of Bright Lights a City that Never sleeps New York!! Amy, feels that “Once a Relationship is Over it is Over much like an Amputation” I was like okay, that’s someone who is rather extreme when it comes to ending relationships, but we was just getting the surf of Amy. I’d like to introduce you all to Amy Laurent our Matchmaker:

Amy LaurentWe find out that Amy Laurent, really has only had 3 real relationships and that she is still very attracted to her ex of one year AB who is very well established as a business man, and he isn’t very hard on the eyes either. Amy, who tries to play coy and that she doesn’t have feelings for AB. Well, in one scenes on the show she (Amy) is with all of her girlfriends, they go with Amy to support her and to see her ex AB who is running in the NYC Marathon. All of the ladies are standing together and Amy’s body-language gives her away in regards to her feelings that she still has for him. From the coy but sleek way in which she looks down and then just raises her eyes to look at him, and the hand brush through the hair and the little tilt of her shoulders and the laugh. Her body-language was SCREAMING “I’m NOT OVER YOU AND I THINK WE NEED TO TALK AND WORK THINGS OUT!”

In the words of Amy she is just fine and over it but, just when you think she is going to say something else that is so not true she starts crying after she has and evening out as friends to have dinner. Amy is still very emotionally attached to her relationship but, I cannot wait to see where she is going to go and what is going to come next because, she is going to start dating again. You know going to get back on Ye Old Dating Horse Again:-)

Finally we have Julia Allison, who is a Columnist, TV Personality, Internet Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Social Media Junkie. Julia is originally from Chicago who has transplanted herself to LA in turn when she moves their she puts herself onto Craigslist to find herself aka “True Love.” You just have to Meet this lady:

Julia Allison1You know I find Julia, the most interesting of all the ladies in all honesty. Ladies I say this because she lives her life regarding relationships and love via a Checklist. Yes, you read this correctly she has a checklist and its in a little notebook that she isn’t afraid to reference at anytime. The other thing is she has placed an ad on Craigslist and she seems to have this way of attracting Justin’s. LOL!! Needless to say her first date out on the East coast is with a Justin and this guy isn’t bad looking and he isn’t odd or stupid. Julia feels there isn’t really any bad date 1st dates okay, I’m like whatever.. LOL! Needless to say she goes out on this date and she doesn’t really feel this gentlemen and that there isn’t any spark but, does she tell Justin this fact NO! He wants to know when they will see each other again and she with her slick and ever so flirtatious way and manner get’s dude to come the next day to help her move boxes and he shows up early and with a bottle of Champaign and orange juice can you say Mimosa's!! How great is this didn’t come empty handed and he also worked her but off with her heavy boxes and silly little dog under foot.

Now let me tell you what a player this chic is, she still doesn’t tell Justin that she isn’t into him even after she has him move all of her crap into her place with her roommate J.P. who is also very cute, but we don’t know what her story is yet or if we ever will but, I can tell its something just like her new roommate. Anyway, she wait until the next day and she calls Justin on the phone all along hoping she gets his voicemail to let him know but, he picks up and she tells him its not going to workout and Justin is rather shocked especially; being that he was just there 24 hours earlier. Little dose Justin know that Julia is the kind of woman that will use a man to her benefit and once she gets what she wants she will kick him to the curb and then act shocked and not understand why the guy is so surprised that she doesn’t feel him.

I have to say if you all want to really see and very interesting and eye opening show into these so called “Professional Love Experts” Lives you will enjoy this show. Check your listings in your area it comes on after the Real Housewives of NY on Monday Nights on Bravo and in Philadelphia its on Channel 72 via Comcast. 

Ashley Tisdal Bravo Ladies Emm Group Shot J Rhoades and E Morse Shoe Appeal This is your Special Edition of “MissAdvised;-) and I hope you’ll come back next Wednesday to see my take as well as Najaam Lee’s take which can be found at  and please make sure that you become a follower of our sites because there will be special giveaways, tips and much more that only our followers can take part in. We look forward to your feedback on this Fabulous New show and cannot wait until you start leaving your comments below!

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